About Rust Digger

We are collecting data about Rust Crates. Similar to the PyDigger project collecting data about Python packages, the CPAN Digger project collecting about Perl packages, and the Ruby Digger about Ruby Gems.


  • Understand the common practices in Rust projects.
  • Encourage people to follow these common practices.
  • Help identify crates that have problematic dependencies (e.g. license-wise, being unmaintained, etc.).
  • Find low-hanging fruits for contribution.
  • Topics

  • Having a link to the public VCS of each crate will make it easier contribute to the project. So we would like to encourage everyone to have a link to the public VCS of the crate in the repository field. Make sure they follow a standard. (e.g. use https in the link, link to a page that is not redirecting, etc.). We try to identify the various VCS hosting services.
  • Having Continuous integration enabled will provide fast feedback to the developers and to the contributors. (TODO)
  • A low test coverage indicates that the project is not well tested. We would like to encourage adding more tests.
  • List all the dependencies of each crate along with their license, number of open issues and PRs, last release date etc.
  • List the crates that are the most dependent-on (even if they are not a direct dependency).
  • Crates that important (used by a lot of other crates or downloaded a lot) but have relatively low test coverage.
  • Status

    Right now in each listing we show the 100 most recently uploaded crates from the given list. We believe that contributing to a recently uploaded crate will more likely get a response than a crate that has not been touched for a long time. With that said we plan to create pagination to make it easier to go over all the crates.

    Source code

    Rust Digger is an open source project developed and maintained by Gabor Szabo. Its source code is in GitHub. You are welcome to open issues, to implement features, recommend improvements to the code or help with the text or the design of the web site. Your suggestions and contributions are welcome.