Welcome to the Rust Digger

We are collecting data about Rust Crates to find the common practices of Open Source Rust developers and trying to improve the Rust ecosystem.

Crate authors

If you are a crate author you can find your page listing all of your crates and the information we collected about them.


If you are looking for some ideas how to contribute to a Rust project, we have some "low-hanging fruits" listed here.

Low-hanging fruits

  • Use https in the repository URL. See the list of crates and the explanation
  • Remove the www from the repository URL. See the list of crates and the explanation
  • Add the repository URL. See the list of crates that have not included a link to their repository and the explanation
  • cargo fmt can configured by either in rustfmt.toml or .rustfmt.toml. A few crates have both. Probably by mistake. Alert the owner an help fixing that.
  • More involved contributions

    We also have some ideas for a more involved contribution.
  • Add Continuous Integration. See the list of crates on GitHub without CI and on GitLab without CI . See also the explanation
  • Many projects have Travis-CI configured. Unfortunately Travis stopped providing their free service. These crate owners might have a false sense of security of having CI while in reality they don't. Help them set up GitHub Actions or some other CI system.
  • Help the Rust Digger itself

    See our repository where you can open issues, solve existing ones, or donate some money.