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descriptionImplementing cw3 with an fixed group multisig




CW3 Fixed Multisig

This is a simple implementation of the cw3 spec. It is a multisig with a fixed set of addresses created upon instatiation. Each address may have the same weight (K of N), or some may have extra voting power. This works much like the native Cosmos SDK multisig, except that rather than aggregating the signatures off chain and submitting the final result, we aggregate the approvals on-chain.

This is usable as is, and probably the most secure implementation of cw3 (as it is the simplest), but we will be adding more complex cases, such as updating the multisig set, different voting rules for the same group with different permissions, and even allow token-weighted voting. All through the same client interface.


To create the multisig, you must pass in a set of HumanAddr with a weight for each one, as well as a required weight to pass a proposal. To create a 2 of 3 multisig, pass 3 voters with weight 1 and a required_weight of 2.

Note that 0 is an allowed weight. This doesn't give any voting rights, but it does allow that key to submit proposals that can later be approved by the voters. Any address not in the voter set cannot submit a proposal.

Execution Process

First, a registered voter must submit a proposal. This also includes the first "Yes" vote on the proposal by the proposer. The proposer can set an expiration time for the voting process, or it defaults to the limit provided when creating the contract (so proposals can be closed after several days).

Before the proposal has expired, any voter with non-zero weight can add their vote. Only "Yes" votes are tallied. If enough "Yes" votes were submitted before the proposal expiration date, the status is set to "Passed".

Once a proposal is "Passed", anyone may submit an "Execute" message. This will trigger the proposal to send all stored messages from the proposal and update it's state to "Executed", so it cannot run again. (Note if the execution fails for any reason - out of gas, insufficient funds, etc - the state update will be reverted, and it will remain "Passed", so you can try again).

Once a proposal has expired without passing, anyone can submit a "Close" message to mark it closed. This has no effect beyond cleaning up the UI/database.

Running this contract

You will need Rust 1.44.1+ with wasm32-unknown-unknown target installed.

You can run unit tests on this via:

cargo test

Once you are happy with the content, you can compile it to wasm via:

RUSTFLAGS='-C link-arg=-s' cargo wasm
cp ../../target/wasm32-unknown-unknown/release/cw3_fixed_multisig.wasm .
ls -l cw3_fixed_multisig.wasm
sha256sum cw3_fixed_multisig.wasm

Or for a production-ready (optimized) build, run a build command in the repository root: https://github.com/CosmWasm/cw-plus#compiling.

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