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descriptionA Rust Library to fully control local MacOS Apple Music player.
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Apple Music

A Rust Library to fully control local MacOS Apple Music player. maintenance-status

This crate provides a convenient way of controlling a MacOS Apple Music player, fully through Rust code. The logic behind this crate relies on Apple's scripting APIs through osascript CLI and JavaScript scripts.


apple-music is available directly on

cargo add apple-music


Import the library in your project:

use apple-music::AppleMusic;

The library entry point is AppleMusic. From there, you can:

  • Get the application's data - AppleMusic::get_application_data(); -> ApplicationData

  • Get the current track - AppleMusic::get_current_track(); -> Track

    • Track can then be used directly:
      • Love / dislike Track - track.set_loved(true); or track.set_disliked(true);

      • Download Track -

      • Reveal Track in Player - track.reveal_in_player()

  • Get the current playlist - AppleMusic::get_current_playlist(); -> Playlist

    • Playlist can then be used directly:
      • Search for a track in a playlist - playlist.search_for_tracks(track_name) -> Vec<Track>
      • Reveal Playlist in player - playlist.reveal_in_player()
      • Download Playlist -

To control the player, you can do it directly using AppleMusic:

  • Set the volume - AppleMusic::set_sound_volume(50);

  • Change track - AppleMusic::next_track();

  • Play specific Track - AppleMusic::play_track(Track);

  • Pause - AppleMusic::pause();

  • Quit the application - AppleMusic::quit();

That is just a part of the available API, without even mentioning the data you have access to.

For more info and an exhaustive list of what's available, please check out the documentation!


let playlist = &AppleMusic::get_playlist_by_id(1234).unwrap();
AppleMusic::play_playlist(playlist); // Apple Music player starts playing provided Playlist.

AppleMusic::set_shuffle(true); // Shuffle is now enabled on currently playing Playlist.

let track = playlist.fetch_playlist_tracks().unwrap()[5];
AppleMusic::play_track(track); // Apple Music player starts playing provided Track.

let current_track = AppleMusic::get_current_track().unwrap();
println!("{}",; // "An awesome song!"

println!("{}", current_track.artwork_url()); // Prints the direct url for the Artwork of the Track.

current_track.set_loved(true); // Track is now loved!

AppleMusic::next_track(); // Goes to next track.

let current_track = AppleMusic::get_current_track().unwrap();
current_track.reveal_in_player(); // Track is revealed and selected on Apple Music player.

current_track.set_disliked(true); // Track is now disliked!

AppleMusic::set_sound_volume(15); // Sets Player volume to 15.; // Playlist is being downloaded on Apple Music player.

AppleMusic::quit(); // Quit Apple Music application on Mac.



This crate only works on MacOs, and has only been tested with macOS 13.4.1 and Apple Music 1.3.5.

I would be more than happy provide support for other version of MacOs / Apple Music, do not hesitate to open an issue if you are facing failures!

Next Steps

Before v1.0:

  • Finish to add remaining classes & methods:
    • ADD()
    • EXPORT()
    • REFRESH()
    • Ensure the whole API is covered by this crate
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