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descriptionDeduplicating, secure, tamper resistant archiver
Nathan McCarty (nmccarty)



Asuran CLI

This is the main cli interface for asuran (, a new, blazing fast deduplicating archive format, with a zero-compromises security model.

Please see the website at for more information, as most of the cool stuff is implemented in the asuran library proper.

Installing and using

You can either download a copy from our releases page, or build it from source yourself.

Please note, the builds on our releases page require a core-branded sandybridge or newer/equivalent, with required support for AVX instructions. If you need to run on a lower end CPU or an older machine without these instructions, you will need to build it yourself from source.

In most cases you will be interacting with the command line asuran client (asuran-cli). Either build it from source from the asuran-cli directory in this repository, or install it with:

cargo install asuran-cli

Optionally build with env RUSTFLAGS="-C target-cpu=native -C target-feature=+aes" cargo install asuran-cli for even better performance.

Take a look at the output of asuran-cli --help for usage information. Keep in mind that each of the sub-commands has its own help page as well (e.g. asuran-cli extract --help).

asuran-cli is, at heart, a thin wrapper that glues together the API of the asuran library. The asuran crate provides a high level interface for interacting with repositories, and will always be a sepereate component and enjoy the same level of support as asuran-cli itself.


This project is licensed under the BSD 2 Clause + Patent license


Join our matrix chat to ask questions, report bugs, or suggest improvements.

Additionally, feel free to open an issue on the gitlab with any bugs you find.

A note on stability

Asuran and asuran-cli are pre-alpha software, prior to version 1.0.0, releases are for evaluation and testing only. Prior to 1.0.0, the API may make breaking changes between patch releases, and there may be breaking format changes between patch releases before 0.2.0 (after 0.2.0, breaking format changes may only happen between minor version increases). Please always read the changelog before updating.


Developing software is hard work, and continuing to improve asuran takes a substantial portion of my time.

I am currently working on getting a patreon/open collective/sponus or the like setup, but in the mean time, if you wish to support me, feel free to toss me your favorite cryptocurrency:

  • BTC: bc1q99tz5sv4mn9l3mhx3qc3lh64skgx85uxssg3tc
  • ETH: 0xd9CdBD945fE347FDAC4DFA71E13cB3EED7595882
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  • USDT: 0xd9CdBD945fE347FDAC4DFA71E13cB3EED7595882
  • BCH: qrrsykuptuu7urt38k4u29j3kvnfa9n3msjssg6cje

If you would like to donate in a currency not listed here, please submit an issue and I will add an address.

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