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descriptionwrap errors with automatic backtrace capture and print-on-result-unwrap
Graydon Hoare



# backtrace-error This is a tiny crate that provides a tiny error-wrapper struct `BacktraceError` with only two features: - Captures a backtrace on `From`-conversion from its wrapped type (if `RUST_BACKTRACE` is on etc.) - Pretty-prints that backtrace in its `Display` implementation. It also includes an extension trait `ResultExt` that you can `use` to give you `.unwrap_or_backtrace` and `.expect_or_backtrace` methods on any `Result>`. These methods do do the same as `unwrap` or `expect` on `Result` except they pretty-print the backtrace on `Err`, before panicking. ## Example Usage is straightforward: put some existing error type in it. No macros! ```rust use backtrace_error::{BacktraceError,ResultExt}; use std::{io,fs}; type IOError = BacktraceError; fn open_file() -> Result { Ok(fs::File::open("/does-not-exist.nope")?) } fn do_stuff() -> Result { open_file() } fn main() { // This will panic but first print a backtrace of // the error site, then a backtrace of the panic site. let file = do_stuff().unwrap_or_backtrace(); } ``` I am very sorry for having written Yet Another Rust Error Crate but strangely everything I looked at either doesn't capture backtraces, doesn't print them, only debug-prints them on a failed unwrap (which is illegible), provides a pile of features I don't want through expensive macros, or some combination thereof. I don't need any of that, I just want to capture backtraces for errors when they occur, and print them out sometime later. I figured maybe someone out there has the same need, so am publishing it. License: MIT OR Apache-2.0
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