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descriptionA TextureAtlas builder for ordered tilesets
Gino Valente (MrGVSV)



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A TextureAtlas builder for ordered tilesets


This crate was made specifically to work with bevy_ecs_tilemap (which I highly recommend for tile-based games in Bevy), but could potentially be used for more general purposes.

Bevy's standard TextureAtlasBuilder is great in that it tries to pack textures in as smartly and compactly as possible. However, this means that the indexes of the packed textures may be all over the place. For crates, such as bevy_ecs_tilemap, this can be an issue when a proper order matters.

Along with bevy_ecs_tilemap, this can more generally affect:

  • Tile Animations (at least the ones that cycle through a set of tiles by incrementing index)
    • For example, GPUAnimated in bevy_ecs_tilemap
  • Tile Indexing (where a designated order should be maintained)
    • For example, the first texture added should have index 0 and so on

How it Works

This crate is essentially an augmentation of Bevy's own TextureAtlasBuilder. However, instead of placing textures wherever they fit best, this builder places them in order of insertion. This order is maintained when building the finished TextureAtlas.


Add to your [dependencies] list in Cargo.toml:

bevy_tile_atlas = "0.7.0"


use bevy::prelude::*;
use bevy_tile_atlas::TileAtlasBuilder;

/// Creates a tile-based, ordered `TextureAtlas`
/// Assumes that the given handles are all loaded and in their desired order
fn build_tileset(handles: Vec<Handle<Image>>, textures: &mut Assets<Image>) -> TextureAtlas {
  let mut builder = TileAtlasBuilder::default();
  for handle in handles {
    let texture = textures.get(&handle).unwrap();
    builder.add_texture(handle, texture);

Note: Duplicate textures can be added. This is helpful for when tiles need to be at multiple indices at once.

Bevy Compatibility

bevy bevy_tile_atlas
0.11 0.7.0
0.10 0.6.0
0.9 0.5.0
0.8 0.4.0
0.7 0.3.0
0.6 0.2.0
0.5 0.1.4


If this was made for bevy_ecs_tilemap, why did you not submit it as a PR?

I chose to not open a PR for bevy_ecs_tilemap because it acts as more of a helper for a specific use case, as opposed to being a needed feature. It also could potentially stand on its own in other applications.

Why is this limited to tiles?

I didn't have to enforce the tile restriction, but I didn't see this being used much outside of a tile system. It may be worth while to generalize it more in the future, especially for tilesets of differing tile size. However, for now, this was the minimum required to make it work with bevy_ecs_tilemap (which again was its original purpose).

Is the order guaranteed for whole folders of textures?

If you load from a whole folder, the order of insertion will depend on how Bevy chooses to load the files (which I think can vary, though I'm not sure). Therefore, it's recommended to either manually place the tile handles into a Vec or array, or use some other mechanism to automatically order them (i.e. a config file).

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