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descriptionRust wrapper for the Bitcoin Core Hardware Wallet Interface.
Dr. Maxim Orlovsky (dr-orlovsky)



# rust-hwi **NB: This is a temporary fork of The plan is the full rewrite from scratch not to depend and not to work with the command-line python `hwi` utility and use `libusb` directly from rust - with improved data types and error reporting.** Here is the copy of the original README: Rust wrapper for [HWI]( Crate Info API Docs Rustc Version 1.41+ Chat on Discord This library internally uses PyO3 to call HWI's functions. It is not a re-implementation of HWI in native Rust. ## MSRV The MSRV for this project is `1.48.0`. To build with the MSRV you will need to pin some dependencies: ```bash cargo update -p serde_json --precise 1.0.99 cargo update -p serde --precise 1.0.156 cargo update -p once_cell --precise 1.14.0 cargo update -p quote --precise 1.0.30 cargo update -p proc-macro2 --precise 1.0.65 ``` ## Prerequisites Python 3 is required. The libraries and [udev rules]( for each device must also be installed. Some libraries will need to be installed For Ubuntu/Debian: ```bash sudo apt install libusb-1.0-0-dev libudev-dev python3-dev ``` For Centos: ```bash sudo yum -y install python3-devel libusbx-devel systemd-devel ``` For macOS: ```bash brew install libusb ``` ## Install - Clone the repo ```bash git clone && cd rust-hwi ``` - Create a virtualenv: ```bash virtualenv -p python3 venv source venv/bin/activate ``` - Install all the dependencies using pip: ```bash pip install -r requirements.txt ``` ## Usage ```rust use bitcoin::Network; use bitcoin::bip32::DerivationPath; use hwi::error::Error; use hwi::HWIClient; use std::str::FromStr; fn main() -> Result<(), Error> { let mut devices = HWIClient::enumerate()?; if devices.is_empty() { panic!("No devices found!"); } let first_device = devices.remove(0)?; let client = HWIClient::get_client(&first_device, true, Network::Bitcoin.into())?; let derivation_path = DerivationPath::from_str("m/44'/1'/0'/0/0").unwrap(); let s = client.sign_message("I love BDK wallet", &derivation_path)?; println!("{:?}", s.signature); Ok(()) } ``` ## Testing To run the tests, you need to have a hardware wallet plugged in. If you don't have a HW for testing, you can try: - [Coldcard simulator]( - [Trezor simulator]( - [Ledger simulator]( **Don't use a device with funds for testing!** Either use a testing device with no funds, or use a simulator. You can run the tests with `cargo test`.
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