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descriptionA headless login and logout CLI for at BIT
Spencer (Shangbo Wu) (spencerwooo)




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🌐 A headless login and logout CLI for at BIT, now in Rust.

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One-line install (Linux / macOS, recommended)

  • curl -fsSL | sh -

Ubuntu / Debian (recommended for systemd support)

  • Download the latest .deb package from Releases.
  • sudo apt install </path/to/file>.deb

If bitsrun.service systemd service required:

  • Edit /lib/systemd/system/bitsrun.service to specify absolute config path
  • Then start service with sudo systemctl start bitsrun


  • cargo install bitsrun

Download binary

  • Download the latest binary from Releases.
  • Uncompress file: tar -xvf <file>.tar.gz
  • Move binary to $PATH, such as: mv <file>/bitsrun ~/.local/bin/


To log into or out of the campus network, simply:

$ bitsrun login -u <username> -p <password>
bitsrun: <ip> (<username>) logged in

$ bitsrun logout -u <username>
bitsrun: <ip> logged out

To check device login status:

$ bitsrun status
bitsrun: <ip> (<username>) is online
│ Traffic Used   │ Online Time   │ User Balance  │ Wallet  │
│ 188.10 GiB     │ 2 months      │ 10.00         │ 0.00    │

To keep the session alive, use bitsrun keep-alive:

$ bitsrun keep-alive
 INFO  bitsrun::daemon > starting daemon (<username>) with polling interval=3600s
 INFO  bitsrun::daemon > <ip> (<username>): login success,
 ^C INFO  bitsrun::daemon > <username>: gracefully exiting

[!NOTE] Use available system service managers to run bitsrun keep-alive as a daemon. (e.g., systemd for Linux, launchd for macOS, and Windows Service for Windows).

Available commands

$ bitsrun --help
A headless login and logout CLI for at BIT

Usage: bitsrun [OPTIONS] [COMMAND]

  login         Login to the campus network
  logout        Logout from the campus network
  status        Check device login status
  config-paths  List all possible config file paths
  keep-alive    Poll the server with login requests to keep the session alive
  help          Print this message or the help of the given subcommand(s)

  -v, --verbose  Verbose output
  -h, --help     Print help
  -V, --version  Print version

[!TIP] Use environment variable NO_COLOR=true to disable colored output.

Config and credentials

To save your credentials and configurations, create config file bit-user.json under an available config path as:

  "username": "<username>",
  "password": "<password>",
  "dm": true,
  "poll_interval": 3600
  • dm is for specifying whether the current device is a dumb terminal, and requires logging out through the alternative endpoint. Set to true (no quotes!) if the device you are working with is a dumb terminal.
  • poll_interval is an optional field for specifying the interval (in seconds) of polling login requests. Default is 3600 seconds (1 hour). Used by bitsrun keep-alive only.

Available config file paths can be listed with:

$ bitsrun config-paths
bitsrun: list of possible config paths
│ Priority │ Possible Config Path                                        │
│ 1        │ /Users/spencerwoo/.config/bit-user.json                     │
│ 2        │ /Users/spencerwoo/.config/bitsrun/bit-user.json             │
│ 3        │ /Users/spencerwoo/Library/Preferences/bitsrun/bit-user.json │
│ 4        │ bit-user.json                                               │

[!NOTE] The config file location is OS-dependent. Run the command to check the accepted locations on your system.

Set permissions of this file to 600 on Linux and macOS, or bitsrun will refuse to read it.

$ chmod 600 <path/to/bit-user.json>


  • zu1k/srun - Srun authentication system login tools. (Rust)
  • Mmx233/BitSrunLoginGo - 深澜校园网登录脚本 Go 语言版 (Go)
  • vouv/srun - An efficient client for BIT campus network. (Go)
  • BITNP/bitsrun - A headless login / logout script for at BIT. (Python)



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