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descriptionA CLI tool built for creating Containerfile templates based on the Ublue Community Project



# BlueBuild This is my personal project trying to create a more conise version of the [starting point]( repo all condensed into a single Rust based CLI tool. ## Installation Right now the only way to install this tool is to use `cargo`. ```bash cargo install --locked blue-build ``` ## How to use ### Templating Once you have the CLI tool installed, you can run the following to pull in your recipe file to generate a `Containerfile`. ```bash bb template -o ``` You can then use this with `podman` or `buildah` to build and publish your image. Further options can be viewed by running `bb template --help` ### Building If you don't care about the details of the template, you can run the `build` command. ```bash bb build ./config/recipe.yaml ``` This will template out the file and build with `buildah` or `podman`. If you're running in Gitlab CI, it will automatically sign your image using Gitlab's own OIDC service. Here's an example of a `.gitlab-ci.yaml`: ```yaml workflow: rules: - if: $CI_COMMIT_BRANCH && $CI_OPEN_MERGE_REQUESTS && $CI_PIPELINE_SOURCE == "push" when: never - if: "$CI_COMMIT_TAG" - if: $CI_PIPELINE_SOURCE == "merge_request_event" - if: "$CI_COMMIT_BRANCH && $CI_OPEN_MERGE_REQUESTS" when: never - if: "$CI_COMMIT_BRANCH" stages: - build variables: ACTION: description: "Action to perform for the pipeline." value: "build-image" options: - "build-image" build-image: stage: build image: retry: 2 rules: - if: $ACTION == "build-image" parallel: matrix: - RECIPE: - recipe.yml id_tokens: SIGSTORE_ID_TOKEN: aud: sigstore script: - bb build --push ./config/$RECIPE ``` Support was also added for building in GitHub! You can use this tool instead of the standard GitHub Actions by using the following `.github/workflows/build.yaml`: ```yaml name: build-ublue on: schedule: - cron: "30 16 * * *" push: branches: - live - template - main paths-ignore: - "**.md" pull_request: workflow_dispatch: jobs: ublue-build: name: Build Ublue Image runs-on: ubuntu-22.04 permissions: contents: read packages: write id-token: write strategy: fail-fast: false matrix: recipe: - recipe.yml steps: - name: Maximize build space uses: AdityaGarg8/remove-unwanted-software@v1 with: remove-dotnet: 'true' remove-android: 'true' remove-haskell: 'true' - uses: actions/checkout@v4 - uses: sigstore/cosign-installer@v3.3.0 - name: Install Cargo run: | curl --proto '=https' --tlsv1.2 -sSf | sh -s -- -y - name: Install BlueBuild tool run: | cargo install blue-build --locked - name: Install Dependencies run: | sudo apt-get install -y buildah skopeo - name: Build Image env: COSIGN_PRIVATE_KEY: ${{ secrets.SIGNING_SECRET }} PR_EVENT_NUMBER: ${{ github.event.number }} REGISTRY_TOKEN: ${{ github.token }} run: | bb build --push ./config/${{ matrix.recipe }} ``` ## Future Features - [x] Update to the most recent stable style of the [starting point]( template - [x] Setup pipeline automation for publishing - [ ] Create an init command to create a repo for you to start out - [ ] Setup the project to allow installing with `binstall` - [ ] Create an install script for easy install for users without `cargo`
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