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descriptionBlack Magic Probe Firmware Manager
Piotr Esden-Tempski (esden)




A management utility for debuggers running the Black Magic Debug firmware.

This project is currently still in early stages and under heavy development.

This tool can currently be used to update the Black Magic Debug firmware on your Black Magic Probe.


Binary releases for Linux, Mac (arm64/AArch64) and Windows (amr64/AArch64) are now available with every release. These should work out-of-the-box, and do not require manual installation of Windows Driver Kit 8.0 or Rust.

Alternately, you can install directly from with cargo.

First install Rust on your computer. Follow the instructions on the Rust Lang website.

Then, install bmputil using cargo install bmputil

bmputil on Windows will attempt to automatically setup driver installation on first run. This is extra experimental, and will require administrator access on the first run.

Building from source

Alternatively, you can build and install the tool from source. This assumes that you have Rust (and git, etc) installed already.

git clone
cd bmputil
cargo install --path .

If you are working on patches or contributions to the tool, you can obviously use cargo build and cargo run [params] as needed.


For building bmputil locally for a Windows platform (either on Windows or cross-compiling), you will need to install the Windows Driver Kit 8.0 redistributable components (link from this page). If you are cross compiling to Windows, you will need to set the WDK_DIR environment variable to the path of the extracted WDK redistributable components.


The first goal of this tool is to serve as a more ergonomic, dedicated to BMP DFU programmer. This utility is meant to replace the need for dfu-util and script. We can take advantage of the fact that we only have to support a specific target and DFU implementation to make for a nicer user experience. Additionally we can eventually provide automatic firmware update/upgrade commands as we know the location where to look for BMP firmwares. And even further, eventually, provide BMP specific configuration functions.

Currently implemented:

  • Find and detect Black Magic Probe (BMP) debuggers connected to the system.
  • Check firmware type and version on the attached BMPs.
  • Flash Firmware using the DFU protocol onto the BMPs connected to the system.


  • Search for new firmware releases.
  • Provide automated upgrade to newest command.
  • Configure BMP firmware defaults. (will require firmware support for permanent settings)
  • And many more... :)

Getting Help

Discuss this project in the #blackmagic channel on the 1BitSquared discord server.

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