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descriptionBullpen: an unofficial library for AI Model APIs.
Kody Low (Kodylow)





Bullpen is an unofficial async Rust client library for the best AI models. It currently supports Modelfarm, Pplx, and Ollama

The Modelfarm client works out of the box without any api keys, the Pplx client requires an api key, and the Ollama client requires you to build and run the Ollama server locally.

Modelfarm and Ollama support Chat, Completions, and Embeddings. Pplx supports Chat and Completions.

I'll be adding bitcoin and ecash payments as a payment option for the Pplx client soon, then you won't need an api key.

For Developers and Contributors: Contributions

Forked from OpenAI Dive: https://github.com/tjardoo/pplx-client

You can run any of the examples in the examples dir with cargo run --example <example_name>

Modelfarm Example

async fn main() {
    let modelfarm = Modelfarm::new();

    let chat_session = ChatSession {
        context: "You are a programmer bot".to_string(),
        examples: vec![ChatExample {
            input: ChatMessage {
                content: "1 + 1".to_string(),
                author: "user".to_string(),
            output: ChatMessage {
                content: "2".to_string(),
                author: "assistant".to_string(),
        messages: vec![ChatMessage {
            content: "How do I write a nix flake for a rust project?".to_string(),
            author: "user".to_string(),

    let req = ModelfarmChatCompletionRequest {
        model: ModelfarmChatModel::ChatBison,
        parameters: ModelfarmChatParameters {
            prompts: vec![chat_session],
            temperature: 0.2,
            max_output_tokens: 1024,

    let result = modelfarm.chat(req).await.unwrap();

    println!("{:?}", result);

Pplx Example

async fn main() {
    let api_key = env::var("PPLX_API_KEY").expect("$PPLX_API_KEY is not set");

    let client = Pplx::new(api_key);

    let parameters = PplxChatCompletionParameters {
        model: PplxChatModel::Mistral7bInstruct,
        messages: vec![
            ChatMessage {
                role: Role::User,
                content: "Hello!".to_string(),
            ChatMessage {
                role: Role::User,
                content: "Tell me a story?".to_string(),
        temperature: None,
        top_p: None,
        top_k: None,
        max_tokens: Some(1000),
        presence_penalty: None,
        frequency_penalty: None,

    let mut stream = client.stream_chat(parameters).await.unwrap();

    while let Some(response) = stream.next().await {
        match response {
            Ok(chat_response) => chat_response.choices.iter().for_each(|choice| {
                if let Some(content) = choice.delta.content.as_ref() {
                    print!("{}", content);
            Err(e) => eprintln!("{}", e),

Ollama Example

async fn main() {
    let ollama = Ollama::new(); // Must have the Ollama server running locally

    let req = OllamaCompletionRequest {
        model: OllamaModel::Mixtral,
        prompt: "How do I write a nix flake for a rust project?".to_string(),
        max_tokens: Some(100),
        temperature: Some(0.2),

    let mut stream = ollama.chat_stream(req).await.unwrap();

    while let Some(response) = stream.next().await {
        print!("{}", response.unwrap().response);


Contributions are welcome! Please open an issue or submit a pull request.

Developer Environment

This is a stable rust 2021 project. You can install the latest stable rust toolchain with rustup:

curl --proto '=https' --tlsv1.2 -sSf https://sh.rustup.rs | sh

This project also uses Nix Flakes to manage the development environment. You can install Nix with:

curl --proto '=https' --tlsv1.2 -sSf -L https://install.determinate.systems/nix | sh -s -- install

After installing Nix, you can enter the development environment with:

nix develop

Then build the project and run commands using just:

# Available just recipes:
    build *ARGS="--workspace --all-targets" # run `cargo build` on everything
    b *ARGS="--workspace --all-targets" # alias for `build`
    check *ARGS="--workspace --all-targets" # run `cargo check` on everything
    c *ARGS="--workspace --all-targets" # alias for `check`
    clippy *ARGS="--locked --offline --workspace --all-targets" # run `cargo clippy` on everything
    clippy-fix *ARGS="--locked --offline --workspace --all-targets" # run `cargo clippy --fix` on everything
    final-check          # run all checks recommended before opening a PR
    format               # run code formatters
    lint                 # run lints (git pre-commit hook)
    semgrep              # run `semgrep`
    test                 # run tests
    t                    # alias for `test`
    typos *PARAMS        # check typos
    typos-fix-all        # fix all typos
    watch *ARGS="-x run" # run and restart on changes
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