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descriptionA cargo plugin for serving rust and crate doc locally.



cargo-docs ========== [![](]( [![Documentation](]( [![Build Status](]( A cargo plugin for serving rust and crate doc locally. ``` $ cargo docs --help Usage: cargo docs [OPTIONS] [EXTRA_ARGS]... Arguments: [EXTRA_ARGS]... Passthrough extra args to `cargo doc` Options: --host Set host [env: HOST=] [default:] -p, --port Set port [env: PORT=] [default: 8080] -r, --random-port Use random port [env: CARGO_DOCS_RANDOM_PORT=true] -s, --search Search for item -d, --dir Serve directory content [env: DIR=] -c, --manifest-path Crate manifest path [default: Cargo.toml] -w, --watch Re-generate doc on change [env: CARGO_DOCS_WATCH=] -o, --open Open in browser [env: CARGO_DOCS_OPEN=true] -b, --book Serve rust book and std doc instead -h, --help Print help information -V, --version Print version information ``` By default, it will call `cargo doc` to build crate doc and start a local server. Add `--book` option to see rust doc instead. ## Install ``` $ cargo install cargo-docs ``` ## Examples Serve crate doc on random port and open in browser ``` $ cargo docs -ro [INFO] Serving crate doc on [INFO] Opening ``` Same as above plus automatically rebuild and reload on file changes. ``` $ cargo docs -row [INFO] Listening for changes... [INFO] Serving crate doc on [INFO] Opening ``` Serve rust docs instead (roughly the same as [`cargo-book`]( ``` $ cargo docs -bro [INFO] Serving rust doc on [INFO] Opening ``` Search for `SocketAddr` in rust std doc served on random port and open it in browser ``` $ cargo docs -bros SocketAddr [INFO] Serving rust doc on [INFO] Opening ``` ## Pro Tips Passthrough `cargo doc` options after -- ``` $ cargo docs -- --quiet [INFO] Running cargo doc --quiet [INFO] Serving crate doc on ``` If you are on WSL2, set `BROWSER=/mnt/c/Path/To/Your/Browser.exe` environment variable to open in desktop browser ``` $ export BROWSER="/mnt/c/Program Files/Firefox Nightly/firefox.exe" ``` Tired of typing `-o`, `-ro`, `-row`? Try these environment variables to save you some key strokes. ``` $ export CARGO_DOCS_OPEN=true $ export CARGO_DOCS_WATCH=true $ export CARGO_DOCS_RANDOM_PORT=true ```
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