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descriptioncompile time plugins for your Rust projects
Geoffroy Couprie (Geal)



cargo-plugin, a tool to handle plugins at compile tome for your crate

Warning: experimental project, things might change soon

This tool helps you build a plugin infrastructure for your Rust project. Highlights of that system:

  • the plugin API is versioned, so plugins compatibility is checked
  • it only uses stable Rust code
  • you can publish your project on with a default set of dependencies, but allow an override if building locally from source

The rust-plugin-test project is an example of this usage.


Launch the following command:

cargo install cargo-plugin

How to use

Setting it up

This will work better if your project uses a workspace:

  • the plugin-api crate defines traits that plugins should implement
    • cargo-plugin expects that this crates exposes a PluginInformation trait
  • the plugins crate holds the plugins
    • its Cargo.toml file declares a dependency on plugin-api by version. This file will be rewritten by cargo-plugin
    • the metadata.toml file indicates the plugin API crate's name
    • all plugins are subdirectories of plugins/src:
      • every plugin has a metadata.toml file declaring its name and its dependencies
      • every plugin, in its file:
        • imports the traits from the plugin API crate
        • declares a PLUGIN_METADATA const element that implements the PluginInformation trait
  • the main crate:

You can now publish your crates, first the plugin API, then the plugins crate, then the main one.


Your crates are published with a default set of plugins. If you want to build a version with a different set of plugins, add and remove plugin folders in plugins/src, then run cargo plugin while in plugins/.

The cargo-plugin tool will read the metadata from every plugin folder, then edit the Cargo.toml and src/ to do the following tasks:

  • import crates used by every plugin
  • declare all plugins as submodules
  • generate a function declaring the plugins at runtime
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