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descriptionUpdate the version of your package easily
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Welcome to cargo-v 👋

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An easy way to update the version of your package

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cargo install cargo-v

This CLI is intended to update the version of your package using the SemVer.

Important note

Before using this CLI, make sure you:

  • run the cargo build command to ensure your package doesn't have any errors;
  • have committed all important files (including Cargo.toml and Cargo.lock, that will be "git added" automatically by the CLI);


You can update the version of your project using the command:

cargo v <version>

Where <version> can be one of patch, minor, major or a complete string version like v1.1.0 or just 1.1.0.

You can use <version> just as a partial string version like 2 or 2.1, that is the same as v2.0.0 and v2.1.0 respectively.

The above command will do:

  • update the string version of your package from Cargo.toml;
  • update the string version of your package from Cargo.lock;
  • create a git commit with new version;
  • and create a git tag with new version.

Before do a git commit and git tag, you will be asked if everything is ok with your project. To automatically answer yes to all questions, just use the flag -y or --yes:

cargo v <version> -y

To see all possible options, just run cargo v --help.


👤 Fernando Daciuk

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Feel free to check issues page.

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This project is MIT licensed.

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