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descriptionTurn AWS CloudFormation templates into AWS CDK applications



# cdk_from_cfn In a world where people want to use the full extent of the cdk, there **was** no product that would transform all your JSON/YAML into beautiful typescript...until now. cdk_from_cfn will take your JSON/YAML and output the equivalent typescript. ## User Guide ```console $ cargo build --release $ ./target/release/cdk_from_cfn [INPUT] [OUTPUT] ``` - `INPUT` is the input file path (STDIN by default). - `OUTPUT` is the output file path; if not specified, output will be printed on your command line (STDOUT by default). ### Cargo Features Name | Enabled by default | Description -------------|:------------------:|--------------------------------------------- `typescript` | :heavy_check_mark: | Enables support for TypeScript output `golang` | :heavy_check_mark: | Enables support for Go output `java` | :heavy_check_mark: | Enables support for Java output `Python` | :heavy_check_mark: | Enables support for Python output `csharp` | :heavy_check_mark: | Enables support for C# output You can enable experimental languages (not enabled by default) by enabling the relevant feature: ```console $ cargo build --release --features= Finished release [optimized] target(s) in 0.17s ``` If you want to disable on-by-default languages, you can pass `--no-default-features`: ```console $ cargo build --release --no-default-features --features=golang Finished release [optimized] target(s) in 0.17s ``` ## Implemented - [x] Fn::FindInMap - [x] Fn::Join - [x] Fn::Sub - [x] Ref - [x] Fn::And - [x] Fn::Equals - [x] Fn::If - [x] Fn::Not - [x] Fn::Or - [x] Fn::GetAtt - [x] Fn::Base64 support - [x] Fn::ImportValue support - [x] Fn::Select support - [x] Resource ordering based on dependencies - [x] Conditions are emitted in ts but not attached to resource conditions - [x] Metadata emission for updates to asgs / lambda functions. - [x] Emission of outputs / exports - [x] Fn::GetAZs support - [x] Adding depends-on, and ordering based on it too. - [x] Deletion policy - [x] Fn::Cidr support ## Remaining There are known unsupported features. Working on them in priority order: - [ ] Create policy - [ ] ssm metadata references - [ ] secretsmanager references
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