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descriptionA native Sync/Async Rust implementation of client DNS resolver.
Aleksandr Morozov



# CDns-rs v 0.2 unstable An implementation of client side DNS query library which also is able to look for host name in `/etc/hosts`. Also it is able to `/etc/resolv.conf` and uses options from this file to configure itself. So it acts like libc's `gethostbyname(3)` or `gethostbyaddr(3)`. The configuration can be overriden. This library supports both async and sync code. At the moment async part is not available because: - it is based on the sync realization because async code is based on sync code and sync code is unstable at the moment - it requires proper porting from sync, because sync uses `poll(2)` to achieve the parallel name resolution ## Supported - Sending and receiving responses via TCP/UDP - Reacting on the message truncated event by trying TCP - Parsing /etc/hosts (all options) - Partial parsing /etc/resolve.conf (all options) - Async and Sync code (separate implementations) At the moment async is not available! - Parallel and non parallel nameserver quries ## ToDo - Parse /etc/nsswitch.conf - DNSSEC - DNS-over-TLS - OPT_NO_CHECK_NAMES - resolv.conf (search, domain, sortlist) Usage: - see ./examples/ - see Simple Example: ```Rust use cdns_rs::sync::{QDns, QuerySetup, QType, request, caches::CACHE}; fn main() { // a, aaaa let res_a = request::resolve_fqdn("", None).unwrap(); println!("A/AAAA:"); for a in res_a { println!("\t{}", a); } } ``` Custom query: ```Rust use cdns_rs::sync::{QDns, QuerySetup, QType, request, caches::CACHE}; fn main() { // soa let mut dns_req = QDns::make_empty(resolvers, 1, QuerySetup::default()); dns_req.add_request(QType::SOA, ""); // sending request and receiving results let res = dns_req.query(); println!("SOA:"); if res.is_results() == true { let inner = res.into_inner().unwrap(); for i in inner { for r in i.get_responses() { println!("\t{}", r); } } } else { println!("\tNo SOA found!") } } ```
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