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descriptionA simple data serialisation library




A simple cerealisation library.

How it works

  • Primitives are serialisable (excluding slices/pointers/references/. This library is for handling raw data)
  • Things solely made out of primitives are serialisable.
    • Use #[derive(CerealData)] with nightly
    • Or impl_cereal_data! with stable.
  • Things that can be represented as primitive(s) or other serialisable(s) are also serialisable
    • String
    • Vec<CerealData>, HashMap<CerealData,CerealData>, and other collections as I think of them.
  • Empty things are serialisable.
    • ()
    • PhantomData<T> where T: CerealData

How you use it

1. Add to Cargo.toml

# ...Other dependencies...
cereal = "*"

Or if you're on nightly, you may want to include cereal_macros

# ...Other dependencies...
cereal = "*"
cereal_macros = "*"

2. Implement CerealData for your types.

struct MyAwesomeStruct {
    field1: u32,
    field2: String,
    field3: AnotherAwesomeStruct,


struct MyAwesomeStruct {
    field1: u32,
    field2: String,
    field3: AnotherAwesomeStruct,
impl_cereal_data!(MyAwesomeStruct, field1, field2, field3);

Yes, you have to write out each field. It's annoying, but at least you have the comfort of knowing that your code will continue to work even if I forget to update the syntax extension for a compiler change.

3. Create your type

let my_awesome_instance = MyAwesomeStruct {
    // ...

4. Get a writer

let a_writer: &mut Write = /* ... */;

5. Write


6. Stop compiler screaming about an unused result

-- my_awesome_instance.write(a_writer);
++ my_awesome_instance.write(a_writer).unwrap();

7. Get a reader

let a_reader: &mut Read = /* ... */;

8. Read

let my_awesome_instance_2 = MyAwesomeStruct::read(a_reader).unwrap();

A brief note on enums

As of v0.2.0, you can now #[derive(CerealData)] on enums with both tuple and struct variants. However, for now there is no macro available for people on stable/beta channels. It may be possible, but it will take some time.

What if it eats my laundry?

This library is by nature a binarvore (binary data eater), but feeding it unhealthy data could result in it turning into a laundrovore.

You have been warned

If you encounter any problems or missing socks, open up an issue on the issue tracker, or ping me on #rust-gamedev if I'm there (nick is HeroesGrave).

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