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descriptionCommand line tool parse and analyze CGGTTS data



CGGTTS ====== Rust package to parse and generate CGGTTS data. [![](]( [![Rust](]( [![](]( [![](]( CGGTTS is a file format designed to describe a local clock's behavior against GNSS constellations. Exchanging CGGTTS files then permits to compare two remote clocks to one another, this is called the called "Common View" Time Transfer technique. CGGTTS is specified by the Bureau International des Poids & des Mesures (BIPM): [CGGTTS 2E specifications]( This library only supports revision **2E**, and will _reject_ other revisions. ## Set of tools - `cggtts` is the main library. Compile it with the _scheduler_ option to unlock full support of CGGTTS data production - `cggtts-cli` is an application to analyze one or compare two CGGTTS files. Download its latest release from the [github portal]( ## Ecosystem `CGGTTS` heavily relies on `Hifitime` for accurate _Epoch_ representation and _Timescales_ knowledge. Check out Christopher's amazing libraries [right here]( The [RNX2CGGTTS application]( is the _goto_ application when it comes to generate CGTTTS files. Use it to generate synchronous CGGTTS tracks from coherent RINEX contexts. Checkout the RINEX Wiki for examples of CGGTTS file exchanges. ## CGGTTS track scheduling If you compiled the crate with the _scheduler_ feature, you can access the `Scheduler` structure that helps you generate synchronous CGGTTS tracks. Synchronous CGGTTS is convenient because it allows direct exchange of CGGTTS files and therefore, direct remote clocks comparison. The `Scheduler` structure works according to the BIPM definitions but we allow for a different tracking duration. The default being 980s, you can use shorter tracking duration and faster CGGTTS generation. You can only modify the tracking duration if you can do so on both remote clocks, so they share the same production parameters at all times. ## System Time delays A built in API allows accurate system delay description as defined in CGGTTS. ## CGGTTS-CLI [A command line application](gnss_cli/ is developed to process one or two CGGTTS file for clock comparison.
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