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descriptionSentry ( client for rust ;)
ian (doitian)



Sentry Rust SDK: sentry

This crate provides support for logging events and errors / panics to the Sentry error logging service. It integrates with the standard panic system in Rust as well as a few popular error handling setups.


The most convenient way to use this library is the sentry::init function, which starts a sentry client with a default set of integrations, and binds it to the current Hub.

The sentry::init function returns a guard that when dropped will flush Events that were not yet sent to the sentry service. It has a two second deadline for this so shutdown of applications might slightly delay as a result of this. Keep the guard around or sending events will not work.

let _guard = sentry::init("");
sentry::capture_message("Hello World!", sentry::Level::Info);
// when the guard goes out of scope here, the client will wait up to two
// seconds to send remaining events to the service.


What makes this crate useful are the various integrations that exist. Some of them are enabled by default, some uncommon ones or for deprecated parts of the ecosystem a feature flag needs to be enabled. For the available integrations and how to use them see integrations and apply_defaults.

Minimal API

This crate comes fully featured. If the goal is to instrument libraries for usage with sentry, or to extend sentry with a custom Integration or a Transport, one should use the sentry-core crate instead.


Functionality of the crate can be turned on and off by feature flags. This is the current list of feature flags:

Default features:

  • backtrace: Enables backtrace support.
  • contexts: Enables capturing device, os, and rust contexts.
  • panic: Enables support for capturing panics.
  • transport: Enables the default transport, which is currently reqwest with native-tls.

Additional features:

  • anyhow: Enables support for the anyhow crate.
  • debug-images: Attaches a list of loaded libraries to events (currently only supported on unix).
  • error-chain: Enables support for the error-chain crate.
  • failure: Enables support for the failure crate.
  • log: Enables support for the log crate.
  • env_logger: Enables support for the log crate with additional env_logger support.
  • slog: Enables support for the slog crate.
  • test: Enables testing support.
  • debug-logs: Uses the log crate for internal logging.
  • reqwest: Enables the reqwest transport, which is currently the default.
  • curl: Enables the curl transport.
  • surf: Enables the surf transport.
  • native-tls: Uses the native-tls crate, which is currently the default. This only has an effect on the reqwest transport.
  • rustls: Enables the rustls support of the reqwest transport. Please note that native-tls is a default feature, and one needs to use default-features = false to completely disable building native-tls dependencies.


License: Apache-2.0

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