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descriptionCoaster library for full BLAS support
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coaster-BLAS provides full BLAS support for Coaster, so you can use Basic Linear Algebra Subprograms on servers, desktops or mobiles, GPUs, FPGAs or CPUS, without carrying about OpenCL or CUDA support on the machine.

It powers Juice.

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Getting Started

If you're using Cargo, just add coaster-BLAS to your Cargo.toml:

coaster = "0.2"
coaster-blas = "0.2"

If you're using Cargo Edit, you can call:

$ cargo add coaster-blas

Provided Operations

This Plugins provides the following operations to the Coaster Backend. A - means not yet implemented. More information can be found in the Documentation.

Operation CUDA OpenCL Native
Full Level 1 cuBLAS - rblas
Level 2 - - -
Level 3
GEMM cuBLAS - rblas

Note that blas does not have all methods and thus fails to link, use CARGO_BLAS=openblas to compile for native


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