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descriptionCLI tool to show and convert colors between various color spaces
Ludwig Stecher (Aloso)



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Command-line tool for displaying colors, written in Rust Tests

Changelog ☑

The changelog can be found here.

Note that colo is young and evolving rapidly. There will likely be big changes in the next releases.

Usage 📚

How to use colo is explained on the website.

Here is the list of supported color spaces.

Installation 🚀

How to install colo is explained on the releases page.

Build from source 🛠

If you want to build colo from source, make sure you have the Rust toolchain (including Cargo) installed. Then clone this repository and run

cargo install --path .

Or, if you don't want to clone the repository, you can run

cargo install --git

This builds the code from the main branch. You can specify a different branch with --branch or a tag with --tag.

Code of Conduct 🤝

Please be friendly and respectful to others. This should be a place where everyone can feel safe, therefore I intend to enforce the Rust code of conduct.

Contributing 🙌

I appreciate your help! The easiest way to help is to file bug reports or suggest new features in the issue tracker.

If you want to create a pull request, make sure the following requirements are met:

  • The code is documented
  • If you add a dependency that includes unsafe code, please explain why it is required
  • Please try to keep compile times small, if feasible

Also, to pass continuous integration, the code must

  • be properly formatted with cargo fmt
  • pass cargo clippy
  • compile on the latest stable Rust version on Ubuntu, Windows and macOS.
  • all tests must pass

To contribute to the website, send a PR to the gh-pages branch.

That's it! If you have any questions, feel free to create an issue.

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