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descriptionCommit-verify API for client-side validation
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# Client-side-validation commit-verify library ![Build]( ![Tests]( ![Lints]( [![codecov](]( [![](]( [![Docs](]( [![unsafe forbidden](]( [![Apache-2 licensed](](./LICENSE) This is an implementation of [LNPBP-4] multi-commitment standard, [LNPBP-9] standard, defining to cryptographic commitment schemes used in client-side-validation, and [LNPBP-81] tagged merkle tree standard. It is a part of more generic [`client_side_validation`] library covering other client-side-validation standards. Client-side-validation is a paradigm for distributed computing, based on top of proof-of-publication/commitment medium layer, which may be a bitcoin blockchain or other type of distributed consensus system. The development of the library is supported by [LNP/BP Standards Association][lnpbp-web] and is performed on its [GitHub page][lnpbp-github]. Minimum supported rust version for the library (MSRV) is 1.66 and 2021 rust edition. ## Documentation Detailed developer & API documentation for the library can be accessed at To learn about the technologies enabled by the library please check [slides from our tech presentations][presentations] and [LNP/BP tech talks videos][lnpbp-youtube] ## Usage To use the library, you just need to reference a latest version, in `[dependencies]` section of your project `Cargo.toml`. ```toml commit_verify = "1" ``` If you are using other client-side-validation libraries, consider importing just a single [`client_side_validation`] library which re-exports all of them, including the current one. The library has just a two feature flags, both of which are not used by default: - `rand`, providing support for generating random 32-byte sequences of `Slice32` type, used in many LNP/BP applications (for instance as hash-lock preimages or during LNPBP-4 multi-commitments) - `serde`, providing support for data structure serialization with serde across the library ## Contributing Contribution guidelines can be found in [CONTRIBUTING](../ ## Licensing The libraries are distributed on the terms of Apache 2.0 opensource license. See [LICENCE](LICENSE) file for the license details. [`client_side_validation`]: [lnpbp-web]: [lnpbp-github]: [lnpbp-youtube]: [presentations]: [LNPBP-4]: [LNPBP-9]: [LNPBP-81]"
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