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descriptionVersioned CQL migrations for Cassandra and ScyllaDB




Versioned CQL migrations for Cassandra and ScyllaDB

Create a directory with CQL files. Develop with Cquill locally. Then version, package and release with Cquill to your database deployment.

VC interest is welcome.

Migrate command

cquill migrate performs a migration using cql sources from the ./cql directory.

CQL files are versioned with a 3 digit version prefix specified v001 or V001 and must be sequentially versioned. v001-create-api-keyspace.cql is valid while v8.cql is not valid.

On the event of a CQL statement error, Cquill will stop executing statements from the file and report which statement failed. Remediation at this point is a manual process and guidance is included with the error message from Cassandra.

Migration history is stored in a table named cquill.migrated_cql with a md5 hash record for every completed CQL file. Future migrations will validate previously migrated CQL files against the md5 hashes. This step ensures correctness and prevents a migration that could cause data integrity problems.

Use cquill help migrate for parameters. The migration history table's keyspace, name and replication can be configured with the migrate command's parameters.

Getting started

Install locally with Cargo

Cargo will build the latest published version of Cquill with install:

cargo install cquill

Versions published with Cargo are detailed on crates.io/crates/cquill.

Run a migration with local CQL sources in a Docker container

Image 84tech/cquill will migrate CQL sources in its /cquill/cql directory (documented in Cquill's Dockerfile).

This approach requires specifying the CASSANDRA_NODE env variable to match Cassandra's hostname and the Docker network:

docker run -it --rm -v $(pwd)/cql:/cquill/cql:ro -e CASSANDRA_NODE=cassandra --network my_network 84tech/cquill migrate

Create a Docker image of versioned CQL sources

In a containerized environment using CI/CD automation, versioning an artifact is ideal for workflow automation. Copy the release's CQL sources ./cql relative to the WORKDIR:

FROM 84tech/cquill
COPY cql cql

Given a ./cql directory and a cql.Dockerfile build manifest, Docker build a versioned image to be deployed in coordination with the API:

docker build -t my-api-cql:0.0.1 -f cql.Dockerfile .


Rust and Docker are Cquill's only development dependencies.

Use docker compose up -d --wait to launch a ScyllaDB instance for running cargo test.

CI checks on pull requests are detailed in the verify.yml workflow. This workflow runs:

cargo fmt
cargo clippy -- -D warnings
cargo test
cargo build --release


This is a list of nice-to-have features that I will hope to add in the future:

  • cquill verify command validates CQL file names, CQL connection, and the md5 hashes of previously migrated CQL files
  • cquill doctor command corrects migration history and md5 hashes
  • cquill dev command using file watches to drop and recreate keyspaces and tables during active development
  • Support v001.dev.cql or similar dev-annotated filenames to populate development environments with data
  • Create an AST for CQL statements, enabling support for several additional features:
    • rewrite keyspace names for a migration to create parallel deploys of a system's keyspaces (useful for isolated testing)
    • validate CQL statement syntax before executing against a live database
    • resolve specific line and column data for CQL statements for command output
    • invert CQL statements, such as creating an ALTER TABLE to drop a column from a statement that creates the column, to revert statements executed before an error prevents a CQL file from completing
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