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descriptionA KISS CLI-wrapper around libsodium's `cryptobox_easy`
Keziah Biermann (KizzyCode)



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About Cryptobox

Cryptobox is a KISS data en-/decryption-tool that generates a random 256bit key and hex-prints it to StdErr, seals everything from from StdIn with this random key using libsodium's crypto_secretbox_xchacha20poly1305_easy and writes the sealed data to StdOut.

The idea is to keep the code as simple as possible so that it's easy to understand and validate it (this is also the reason why we use libsodium as backend).

Optionally Cryptobox can use ma_proper as memory allocator to ensure that the allocated memory is overwritten before it is returned to the OS (feature use-maproper; disabled by default).


The use-case is pretty limited – in particular, Cryptobox is NOT suited for

  • large files: Cryptobox reads the entire input from StdIn and writes the result to a different memory location – this means that Cryptobox requires at least two times the input-size as memory
  • any kind of password based encryption: Cryptobox uses a new random key for each encryption and displays the raw hex key – it's up to you to store it somewhere safe and secure

Instead, the use-case is secure long-term encryption of small sensible data for backup purposes. E.g. you could encrypt your GnuPG-keyring and upload it to – this way you only need to store 64 hex chars in a safe and secure place instead of the entire keyring.


To seal a some data, pipe it to cryptobox' StdIn and redirect the StdOut to your target location:

cryptobox < /path/to/secret.file > /path/to/sealed.file

Important: Store the displayed key somewhere safe! Without this key it's probably COMPLETELY IMPOSSIBLE to recover your data from the sealed file.


To decrypt some data, export the key as environment variable and pipe it to cryptobox' StdIn and redirect the StdOut to your target location:

export CRYPTOBOX_KEY=0197ac79-e307baf7-facd0c5c-9b1b3951-990d7dd5-4cffc259-fd6ac95c-2f3b1a1c
cryptobox < /path/to/sealed.file > /path/to/secret.file

(Cryptobox detects your exported key automatically and switches to decryption mode – to delete the key from the environment, use unset CRYPTOBOX_KEY)

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