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descriptionCyphernet is a set of libraries for privacy-preserving networking apps
Dr. Maxim Orlovsky (dr-orlovsky)



# Cyphernet: privacy-preserving networking & internet applications ![Build]( ![Tests]( ![Lints]( [![codecov](]( [![](]( [![Docs](]( [![Apache-2 licensed](](./LICENSE) This repository provides a set of libraries for privacy-preserving networking & internet applications written in rust. The set of libraries supports mix networks (Tor, I2P, Nym), proxies, end-to-end encryption without central authorities/PKI (Noise-based encryption protocols like lightning wire protocol, NTLS etc). ## Manifest ```yaml Name: cyphernet Type: Library Kind: Free software License: Apache-2.0 Language: Rust Compiler: 1.65 Author: Maxim Orlovsky Maintained: Cyphernet DAO, Switzerland Maintainers: Maxim Orlovsky: GitHub: @dr-orlovsky GPG: EAE730CEC0C663763F028A5860094BAF18A26EC9 SSH: BoSGFzbyOKC7Jm28MJElFboGepihCpHop60nS8OoG/A EMail: Alexis Sellier: GitHub: @cloudhead SSH: iTDjRHSIaoL8dpHbQ0mv+y0IQqPufGl2hQwk4TbXFlw ``` ## Overview The library provides three main components, structured as modules: - **Network addresses** (sub-crate `cypheraddr`), which allow simple use of - Tor, Nym, I2P and other mix networks and SOCKS proxies - P2P addresses with node public keys - May be used in a way that prevents using DNS names (outside mixnet scope). - **Noise protocol framework** (sub-crate `noise-framework`) for end-to-end encrypted network communications. - **SOCKS5 client** (sub-crate `socks5-client`) for accessing Tor and other mixnets via proxy. All the components has a minimal set of non-optional dependencies and short compile times. For instance, SOCKS5 proxy and cyphernet addresses both have zero non-optional dependencies. The library tries to minimize number of dependencies. Most of its functionality is available via non-default features, like: - `noise`: support for noise protocols; - `mixnets`: supports for mixnet network addresses, including `tor`, `nym`, `i2p` (may require additional crypto libraries for parsing public keys); - `serde`: encoding for addresses types; - `dns`: enable use of DNS names alongside IP addresses and mixnet names. Network addresses provided by the library include the following types: * `InetHost` - IP addr or DNS name * `HostName` - IP, DNS, Tor, I2P, Nym host name (no port or proxy information) * `NetAddr` - any type of host name + port information * `PartialAddr` - any type of host name + optional port, which defaults to generic const if not provided * `PeerAddr` - any of the above addresses + node public key for authentication * `ProxiedHost` - host name + proxy (there are IP/DNS w/o proxy and with proxy) * `ProxiedAddr` - any of the above addresses + proxy (thus IP/DNS is always proxied) ## Documentation API reference documentation for the library can be accessed at . ## About cyphernet Cyphernet is a conceptual approach for a privacy-preserving networking, based on the following stack of layers: ![Cyphernet stack]( ## Licensing The libraries are distributed on the terms of Apache 2.0 opensource license. See [LICENCE](LICENSE) file for the license details.
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