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descriptionCollection of Web APIs



deno web

Implements timers, as well as the following APIs:

Note: Testing for text encoding is done via WPT in cli/.

Usage Example

From javascript, include the extension's source:

import * as infra from "ext:deno_web/00_infra.js";
import * as DOMException from "ext:deno_web/01_dom_exception.js";
import * as mimesniff from "ext:deno_web/01_mimesniff.js";
import * as event from "ext:deno_web/02_event.js";
import * as structuredClone from "ext:deno_web/02_structured_clone.js";
import * as timers from "ext:deno_web/02_timers.js";
import * as abortSignal from "ext:deno_web/03_abort_signal.js";
import * as globalInterfaces from "ext:deno_web/04_global_interfaces.js";
import * as base64 from "ext:deno_web/05_base64.js";
import * as streams from "ext:deno_web/06_streams.js";
import * as encoding from "ext:deno_web/08_text_encoding.js";
import * as file from "ext:deno_web/09_file.js";
import * as fileReader from "ext:deno_web/10_filereader.js";
import * as location from "ext:deno_web/12_location.js";
import * as messagePort from "ext:deno_web/13_message_port.js";
import * as compression from "ext:deno_web/14_compression.js";
import * as performance from "ext:deno_web/15_performance.js";
import * as imageData from "ext:deno_web/16_image_data.js";

Then assign the properties below to the global scope like this example:

Object.defineProperty(globalThis, "AbortController", {
  value: abortSignal.AbortController,
  enumerable: false,
  configurable: true,
  writable: true,
Name Value enumerable configurable writeable
AbortController abortSignal.AbortController false true true
AbortSignal abortSignal.AbortSignal false true true
Blob file.Blob false true true
ByteLengthQueuingStrategy streams.ByteLengthQueuingStrategy
CloseEvent event.CloseEvent false true true
CompressionStream compression.CompressionStream false true true
CountQueuingStrategy streams.CountQueuingStrategy
CustomEvent event.CustomEvent false true true
DecompressionStream compression.DecompressionStream false true true
DOMException DOMException false true true
ErrorEvent event.ErrorEvent false true true
Event event.Event false true true
EventTarget event.EventTarget false true true
File file.File false true true
FileReader fileReader.FileReader false true true
MessageEvent event.MessageEvent false true true
Performance performance.Performance false true true
PerformanceEntry performance.PerformanceEntry false true true
PerformanceMark performance.PerformanceMark false true true
PerformanceMeasure performance.PerformanceMeasure false true true
PromiseRejectionEvent event.PromiseRejectionEvent false true true
ProgressEvent event.ProgressEvent false true true
ReadableStream streams.ReadableStream false true true
ReadableStreamDefaultReader streams.ReadableStreamDefaultReader
TextDecoder encoding.TextDecoder false true true
TextEncoder encoding.TextEncoder false true true
TextDecoderStream encoding.TextDecoderStream false true true
TextEncoderStream encoding.TextEncoderStream false true true
TransformStream streams.TransformStream false true true
MessageChannel messagePort.MessageChannel false true true
MessagePort messagePort.MessagePort false true true
WritableStream streams.WritableStream false true true
WritableStreamDefaultWriter streams.WritableStreamDefaultWriter
WritableStreamDefaultController streams.WritableStreamDefaultController
ReadableByteStreamController streams.ReadableByteStreamController
ReadableStreamBYOBReader streams.ReadableStreamBYOBReader
ReadableStreamBYOBRequest streams.ReadableStreamBYOBRequest
ReadableStreamDefaultController streams.ReadableStreamDefaultController
TransformStreamDefaultController streams.TransformStreamDefaultController
ImageData imageData.ImageData false true true
atob base64.atob true true true
btoa base64.btoa true true true
clearInterval timers.clearInterval true true true
clearTimeout timers.clearTimeout true true true
performance performance.performance true true true
reportError event.reportError true true true
setInterval timers.setInterval true true true
setTimeout timers.setTimeout true true true
structuredClone messagePort.structuredClone true true true

Then from rust, provide: deno_web::deno_web::init_ops_and_esm::<Permissions>(Arc<BlobStore>, Option<Url>) in the extensions field of your RuntimeOptions


  • Permissions is a struct implementing deno_web::TimersPermission
  • Arc<BlobStore> can be provided by Default::default()
  • Option<Url> provides an optional base URL for certain ops


  • deno_webidl: Provided by the deno_webidl crate
  • deno_console: Provided by the deno_console crate
  • deno_url: Provided by the deno_url crate

Provided ops

Following ops are provided, which can be accessed through Deno.ops:

  • op_base64_decode
  • op_base64_encode
  • op_base64_atob
  • op_base64_btoa
  • op_encoding_normalize_label
  • op_encoding_decode_single
  • op_encoding_decode_utf8
  • op_encoding_new_decoder
  • op_encoding_decode
  • op_encoding_encode_into
  • op_blob_create_part
  • op_blob_slice_part
  • op_blob_read_part
  • op_blob_remove_part
  • op_blob_create_object_url
  • op_blob_revoke_object_url
  • op_blob_from_object_url
  • op_message_port_create_entangled
  • op_message_port_post_message
  • op_message_port_recv_message
  • op_message_port_recv_message_sync
  • op_compression_new
  • op_compression_write
  • op_compression_finish
  • op_now
  • op_defer
  • op_transfer_arraybuffer
  • op_readable_stream_resource_allocate
  • op_readable_stream_resource_allocate_sized
  • op_readable_stream_resource_get_sink
  • op_readable_stream_resource_write_error
  • op_readable_stream_resource_write_buf
  • op_readable_stream_resource_write_sync
  • op_readable_stream_resource_close
  • op_readable_stream_resource_await_close
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