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descriptionA cli tool to pipe data over the network, with NAT hole punching
Friedel Ziegelmayer (dignifiedquire)



Dumb pipe

This is an example to use iroh-net to create a dumb pipe to connect two machines with a QUIC connection.

Iroh-net will take case of hole punching and NAT traversal whenever possible, and fall back to a relay if hole punching does not succeed.

It is also useful as a standalone tool for quick copy jobs.

This is inspired by the unix tool netcat. While netcat works with IP addresses, dumbpipe works with 256 bit node ids and therefore is somewhat location transparent. In addition, connections are encrypted using TLS.


cargo install dumbpipe


Use dumbpipe to stream video using ffmpeg / ffplay:

This is using standard input and output.

Sender side

On Mac OS:

ffmpeg -f avfoundation -r 30 -i "0" -pix_fmt yuv420p -f mpegts - | dumbpipe listen

On Linux:

ffmpeg -f v4l2 -i /dev/video0 -r 30 -preset ultrafast -vcodec libx264 -tune zerolatency -f mpegts - | dumbpipe listen

outputs ticket

Receiver side

dumbpipe connect nodeealvvv4nwa522qhznqrblv6jxcrgnvpapvakxw5i6mwltmm6ps2r4aicamaakdu5wtjasadei2qdfuqjadakqk3t2ieq | ffplay -f mpegts -fflags nobuffer -framedrop -
  • Adjust the ffmpeg options according to your local platform and video capture devices.
  • Use ticket from sender side

Forward development web server

You have a development webserver running on port 3000, and want to share it with a colleague in another office or on the other side of the world.

The web server

npm run dev
>    - Local:        http://localhost:3000

The dumbpipe listener

Listens on a magic endpoint and forwards all incoming requests to the dev web server that is listening on localhost on port 3000. Any number of connections can flow through a single dumb pipe, but they will be separate local tcp connections.

dumbpipe listen-tcp --host localhost:3000

This command will output a ticket that can be used to connect.

The dumbpipe connector

Listens on a tcp interface and port on the local machine. In this case on port 3001. Forwards all incoming connections to the magic endpoint given in the ticket.

connect-tcp --addr <ticket>

Testing it

You can now browse the website on port 3001.

Advanced features

Custom ALPNs

Dumbpipe has an expert feature to specify a custom ALPN string. You can use it to interact with existing iroh-net services.

E.g. here is how to interact with the iroh-bytes protocol:

echo request1.bin | dumbpipe connect <ticket> --custom-alpn utf8:/iroh-bytes/2 > response1.bin 

if request1.bin contained a valid request for the /iroh-bytes/2 protocol, response1.bin will now contain the response.

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