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descriptionA rusty dynamically typed scripting language
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A rusty dynamically typed scripting language

fn main() {
    println("hello world!")

Dyon Snippets

Dyon script files end with .dyon.

To install Dyon REPL, type:

cargo install --example dyon dyon

Then, to run the Dyon REPL, type:


To run Dyon script files from command line, type:

cargo install --example dyonrun dyon

Then, to run a script file you type:

dyonrun <file.dyon>


Dyon for Atom
Dyon for Vim
Dyon for Visual Studio Code


List of features

Why the name Dyon?

Dyon is a hypothetical particle predicted by several grand unified theories in physics with both electrical and magnetic charge. See this Wikipedia article for more information.

The name Dyon fits because, just like the particle, there are things that are yet to be discovered about language design. However, this language was not born out of a grand new vision, but is the result of exploring and testing new ideas.

Motivation and goals

Sven Nilsen started this project in early 2016. The idea was to make a simple, but convenient scripting language that integrated well with Rust.

  • During the first week of coding, a way to do lifetime checking on function arguments was discovered
  • A different approach to code organization was explored by adding the ability to dynamically load modules
  • For nice error handling, added option, result and ? operator
  • To test the design of the language, created a demo for interactive coding
  • Mutability check to improve readability
  • Short For loop to improve readability and performance
  • Mathematical loops and Unicode symbols to improve readability
  • Go-like coroutines to add multi-thread support
  • 4D vectors with unpack and swizzle to make 2D and 3D programming easier
  • Html hex colors to make copying colors from image editors possible
  • Optional type system to help scaling a project
  • Ad-hoc types for extra type safety
  • Current objects to improve prototyping and tailored environments
  • Macros for easier embedding with Rust
  • Secrets to automatically derive meaning from mathematical loops
  • Closures that can be printed out, use current objects and grab from closure environment
  • Type safety for secrets, easy load/save of Dyon data
  • Link loop for easier and faster code generation and templates
  • In-types for easy cross thread communication
  • Lazy invariants, simple refinement types and binary operator overloading

Main goals:

  • Integrate well with Rust
  • Flexible way of organizing code

Performance will be optimized for the cycle:

coding -> parsing -> running -> debugging -> coding

Sub goals:

  • Safety


  • Rust equivalent performance
  • Replace Rust to build libraries
  • Interfacing with other languages than Rust


Licensed under either of


Unless you explicitly state otherwise, any contribution intentionally submitted for inclusion in the work by you shall be dual licensed as above, without any additional terms or conditions.

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