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easy-complex is a procedurally generated, no-dependencies crate that provides easy to use complex number operations and provides casting for most numeric types in the standard library.

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  • Explicit cast from integers, unsigned integers and floats to Complex number (Complex) and Exponential Complex number (EComplex).
  • Easy operations with overloaded standard operators.
  • A custom Display trait implementation that prints in either exponential form or rectangular form.
  • This is a procedurally generated crate, meaning that it's source code is generated at compile time through macros.


easy complex doesn't have any dependencies except the standard library. Just add to your Cargo.toml

easy_complex = "0.4.0"

Add to your crate root:

extern crate easy_complex;

If you don't use or want to use cargo, the crate can be found in this crates.io page

For extensive explanation and usage go to the wiki where the full usage is demonstrated


  • Extend compatibility (On hold)
  • Add more examples and tests
  • Some advanced functions on the complex domain (C)
  • Clean up and more extensive documentation
  • Create a parser (On hold)


As the crate is generated by macros, documentation is pretty much impossible to create.

Below you will find a summary of the crate's structs and methods.

Struct Description
Complex Complex number represented in rectangular form
EComplex Complex number represented in exponential form
Enum Description Variants
Angle An angle Radians, Degrees

These methods are available in both Complex and EComplex

Method Arguments Output Description
new f32, f32 or f64, f64 Self Generates a new struct
real f32 or f64 Returns the value of the real part of the complex number
imag f32 or f64 Returns the value of the imaginary part of the complex number
module f32 or f64 Returns the value of the module of the complex number
arg f32 or f64 Returns the value of the argument of the complex number
conjugate Self Returns the conjugate of the complex number
ln Self Returns the natural logarithm of the complex number
log f32 or f64 Self Returns the logarithm in the given base
log2 Self Returns the logarithm in base 2
log10 Self Returns the logarithm in base 10
powf f32 or f64 Self Returns the number to the given power
exp Self Returns e^self
sqrt Self Returns the square root of the number
root usize Vec<Self> Returns a Vec with all the nth roots of the number
powc Self Self Returns self to the given complex power
expf f32 or f64 Self Returns the given base to the self complex power
cos, sin, tan Self Returns the corresponding geometrical function
cosh, sinh, tanh Self Returns the corresponding hyperbolic geometrical function

How to make automatic conversion

To do automatic conversion, use the convert! macro in the convert module.

This macro takes a list of types that cast into either f32 or f64 and implements the corresponding methods for the given struct.

This example is taken directly from the source code of the crate:

convert!([i8, u8, i16, u16, f32], f32, Complex);


Dual licensed under Apache 2.0 and MIT licenses

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