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descriptionBare-metal backtrace support for Espressif devices
espressif (github:esp-rs:espressif)



esp-backtrace - backtrace for ESP32 bare-metal MSRV Matrix

Supports the ESP32, ESP32-C2/C3/C6, ESP32-H2, ESP32-P4, and ESP32-S2/S3. Optional exception and panic handlers are included, both of which can be enabled via their respective features.

Please note that when targeting a RISC-V device, you need to force frame pointers (i.e. "-C", "force-frame-pointers", in your .cargo/config.toml); this is not required for Xtensa.

You can get an array of backtrace addresses (currently limited to 10) via arch::backtrace() if you want to create a backtrace yourself (i.e. not using the panic or exception handler).

When using the panic and/or exception handler make sure to include use esp_backtrace as _;.


Feature Description
esp32 Target ESP32
esp32c2 Target ESP32-C2
esp32c3 Target ESP32-C3
esp32c6 Target ESP32-C6
esp32h2 Target ESP32-H2
esp32p4 Target ESP32-P4
esp32s2 Target ESP32-S2
esp32s3 Target ESP32-S3
panic-handler Include a panic handler, will add esp-println as a dependency
exception-handler Include an exception handler, will add esp-println as a dependency
println Use esp-println to print messages
defmt Use defmt logging to print messages* (check example)
colors Print messages in red*
halt-cores Halt both CPUs on ESP32 / ESP32-S3 instead of doing a loop {} in case of a panic or exception
semihosting Call semihosting::process::abort() on panic.
custom-halt Invoke the extern function custom_halt() instead of doing a loop {} in case of a panic or exception

* only used for panic and exception handlers

defmt Feature

Please note that defmt does not provide MSRV guarantees with releases, and as such we are not able to make any MSRV guarantees when this feature is enabled. For more information refer to the MSRV section of defmt's README:


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Unless you explicitly state otherwise, any contribution intentionally submitted for inclusion in the work by you, as defined in the Apache-2.0 license, shall be dual licensed as above, without any additional terms or conditions.

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