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descriptionA library to export prototype definitions from Factorio (http://www.factorio.com)
Mike Forster



# Factorio Exporter A Rust library to export prototype definitions from [Factorio](http://www.factorio.com). See crate page on [crates.io](https://crates.io/crates/factorio-exporter) ## Library See the [module documentation](https://docs.rs/factorio-exporter/latest/factorio_exporter/) and the [`factorio-cli` implementation](https://github.com/MForster/factorio-rust-tools/blob/main/crates/factorio-cli/src/main.rs) for how to use the library. ## Status This is still very much in the prototype phase. The output will be incomplete and have bugs. Please try it out anyway and report any issues that you run into! See the [change log](CHANGELOG.md) for progress. ## Design The goal of the importer is to be as close as possible to the authoritative definition of the prototypes. It tries to achieve that goal by two design decisions: * The prototypes are exported from a running Factorio instance *in the runtime* stage. This means that the prototypes are as close as possible to how they are used in the game. * The list of exported properties is taken from the [official definition](https://lua-api.factorio.com/latest/json-docs.html). Another consequence of this design is that it allows to export the prototypes of loaded mods. ## Platform support This library is intended to be platform-independent, but it's currently only tested on Linux. ## Contributing Contributions are welcome! Feel free to send pull requests, but if you want to make large-scale changes it would make sense to discuss them first.
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