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descriptionA simple calculator for DIY aquarium fertilisers
Vsevolod Stakhov (vstakhov)




fert-calc is a small and specific utility that I have written to simplify DIY mixing of the aquarium fertilisers based on different components, dosing schemas and so on. The main goal of this utility is to provide a command line interface to simplify manual calculations for dilutions and dosing.


This project is created for personal hobby and is not intended to be useful for anyone. It is also in alpha stage, so many functions are yet missing.

How to use

First, you'd need to install Rust.

The rest is pretty straightforward, just run cargo install --git https://github.com/vstakhov/fert-calc to build this repo from the sources. Then you can use fert-calc binary to do your own calculations.

What it can do

  • Tell you what happens if you add some compound to your tank as a dry salt or a solution: asciicast
  • Tell you what happens if you add specific fertilizer to your tank: asciicast
  • Tell you how to reach a desired concentration in your tank using a compound or a ready mix (allowing aliases to specify targets): asciicast

You can also take a look at the embedded database of the fertilizers to get a glue about how to define your own ones. To define your own database you shoul use --fertilizers-db=your_ferts.toml option. Please check the output of the fert-calc --help for the list of all available options.


Large/important features:

  • Agricultural fertilizers and percent based fertilizers
  • Dose to reach the target mode
  • Dosing regimes: EI/PPS pro/EI low light
  • Custom fertilisers and compounds trivial names (urea, CSM+B etc)

Small features:

  • Hydrates support
  • Saving for the input values to avoid extra hassle
  • Solution based dilution
  • Solubility warnings
  • Target solution PH
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