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descriptionThe all-in-one Bevy 3D game template for desktop.
Jan Hohenheim (janhohenheim)




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The all-in-one Bevy 3D game template.

What does this template give you?

  • A 3D character controller
  • Physics via bevy_rapier
  • Audio via bevy_kira_audio
  • Pathfinding via oxidized_navigation
  • bevy_editor_pls bound to 'G'
  • Custom editor for the game state found in the windows selection for bevy_editor_pls.
  • Saving / loading levels
  • Saving / loading the game state
  • Animations
  • A custom dialog system
  • Shaders
  • GLTF imports, including auto-detection of colliders
  • Dynamic builds when developing
  • Grass blades using warbler_grass
  • Smooth cameras via bevy_dolly
  • A skydome that follows the camera
  • Simple error handling via bevy_mod_sysfail
  • Simple plugin creation via seldom_fn_plugin
  • Particle effects via bevy_hanabi
  • Clean and extensible object spawning via spew


Simply use the template button on GitHub to create a new repository from this template. Then, replace all instances of the word foxtrot with the name of your game. Change the game version as well as the author information in the following files:

  • Cargo.toml
  • build/windows/installer/Package.wxs
  • build/macos/src/

Running the game

cargo run

Updating assets

You should keep the credits directory up to date. The release workflow automatically includes the directory in every build.

Updating the icons

  1. Replace build/windows/icon.ico (used for windows executable and as favicon for the web-builds)
  2. Replace build/macos/icon_1024x1024.png with a 1024 times 1024 pixel png icon and run (make sure to run the script inside the macos directory) - Warning: sadly this seems to require a mac...

Help and Discussion

Feel free to shoot a message in the dedicated help thread on the Bevy Discord or open an issue on GitHub if you want to discuss something or need help :)

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