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descriptionLibrary to conduct currency conversion with the Oanda API



# fxoanda This is an unofficial [Oanda](https://wwww.oanda.com/) API client. This client is still an experimental work in progress however it is reasonably functional. The client is generated from the Oanda V20 API definitions. The current state of the client API is low-level but usable however I would like to see a more ergonomic layer developed on top. ## Installation ```rust cargo add fxoanda ``` ## Example usage ```toml # in your Cargo.toml reqwest = {version = "0.12.2", features = ["json"]} tokio = { version = "1.37.0", features = ["macros", "time", "rt-multi-thread"] } ``` ```rust use std::env; use fxoanda::*; #[tokio::main] async fn main() { let api_key = env::var("OANDA_KEY").expect("expected OANDA_KEY environment variable to be set"); let api_host = env::var("OANDA_HOST").expect("expected OANDA_HOST environment variable to be set"); let client = fxoanda::Client { host: String::from(api_host), reqwest: reqwest::Client::new(), authentication: String::from(api_key), }; match fxoanda::GetInstrumentCandlesRequest::new() .with_instrument("EUR_USD".to_string()) .with_granularity(CandlestickGranularity::H4) .remote(&client).await { Ok(x) => println!("OK: {:#?}", x), Err(e) => eprintln!("ERR: {:#?}", e), }; } ``` ## Warning Forex markets are extremely risky. Automated trading is also extremely risky. This project is extremely risky. Market conditions, news events, or software bugs can wipe out your account in an instant. ## Disclaimer Use this project at your own risk. The maintainers of this project make no claims as to this product being fit for purpose. In fact, the maintainers of this project are telling you that you shouldn't use this project.
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