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descriptionSimple implementation of generic matrices and their associated operations
John Bochicchio (jpbochicchio)



# Basic Outline This is a simple implementation of matrices using generic parameters. Includes addition, subtraction, and multiplication. The main module is `matrix_operations`, and the actual implementation of a matrix is defined within under `Matrix`. Matrices are defined generically, and can be initialized with any type satisfying: ```rust impl Matrix where T: Add + Mul + Sub + Clone + Default ``` Despite having a lot of restrictions on `T`, this is actually a very easy set of criteria to satisfy. Most numeric types satisfy this, as will my implementation of complex numbers in the `complex-plane` crate. The `Matrix` implementation directly implements the above traits, so you can use the common operators `+, -, *` to work with them. # Examples ### Initializing New Matrices There are a number of initializers for matrices. ```rust // Define a matrix given a 2d vector of some type following the above bounds let mat_from_data: Matrix = Matrix::from_data(some_predefined_2d_i32_vec); // Create a 2x3 matrix where each entry is 1.25 let mat_from_constant: Matrix = Matrix::from_constant((2, 3), 1.25); // Create a 16x8 matrix where each entry is i8::default() let mat_from_dimension: Matrix = Matrix::default_from_dimension((16, 8)); // Create a 2x2 matrix where each entry is f32::default() let mat_from_rows_and_columns: Matrix = Matrix::default_from_rows_and_columns((2,2)); ``` All of the above use predefined constants or `T::default()` for whatever type you're using. There are also initializers for diagonal matrices as well. ```rust // Initialize a 10x10 diagonal unit matrix taking integral values let unit_matrix_z_10x10: Matrix = Matrix::diagonal_from_constant((10,10), 1); // Initialize a 5x5 diagonal matrix with diagonal values equal to f32::default() let diagonal_default_mat: Matrix = Matrix::default_diagonal((5,5)); ``` ### Common Operations ```rust // Take the transpose, M^T, of some matrix M let m_t: Matrix = m.transpose(); // Add two matrices, m_1 and m_2 let sum = m_1 + m_2; // Take the product of two matrices, m_1 and m_2 let product = m_1 * m_2 // Subtract m_1 from m_2 let difference = m_2 - m_1 ``` # Project Roadmap I'd like to continue improving upon this (as of now) extremely simple implementation. I'd like to add support for: - Multithreading of all matrix operations - Include ability to take determinants and invert matrices - Overhaul implementation to include lifetimes - Add support for casting matrices
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