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GilRs - Game Input Library for Rust

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GilRs abstract platform specific APIs to provide unified interfaces for working with gamepads.

Main features:

  • Unified gamepad layout—buttons and axes are represented by familiar names
  • Support for SDL2 mappings including SDL_GAMECONTROLLERCONFIG environment variable which Steam uses
  • Hotplugging—GilRs will try to assign new ID for new gamepads and reuse same ID for gamepads which reconnected
  • Force feedback (rumble)
  • Power information (is gamepad wired, current battery status)

The project's main repository is on GitLab although there is also a GitHub mirror. Please use GitLab's issue tracker and merge requests.

This repository contains submodule; after you clone it, don't forget to run git submodule init; git submodule update (or clone with --recursive flag) or you will get compile errors.


gilrs = "0.10.3"
use gilrs::{Gilrs, Button, Event};

let mut gilrs = Gilrs::new().unwrap();

// Iterate over all connected gamepads
for (_id, gamepad) in gilrs.gamepads() {
    println!("{} is {:?}",, gamepad.power_info());

let mut active_gamepad = None;

loop {
    // Examine new events
    while let Some(Event { id, event, time }) = gilrs.next_event() {
        println!("{:?} New event from {}: {:?}", time, id, event);
        active_gamepad = Some(id);

    // You can also use cached gamepad state
    if let Some(gamepad) =|id| gilrs.gamepad(id)) {
        if gamepad.is_pressed(Button::South) {
            println!("Button South is pressed (XBox - A, PS - X)");

Supported features

Input Hotplugging Force feedback
Linux/BSD (evdev)
Windows (XInput)
Wasm n/a

Platform specific notes

Linux/BSD (evdev)

With evdev, GilRs read (and write, in case of force feedback) directly from appropriate /dev/input/event* file. This mean that user have to have read and write access to this file. On most distros it shouldn't be a problem, but if it is, you will have to create udev rule. On FreeBSD generic HID gamepads use hgame(4) and special use Linux driver via webcamd.

To build GilRs, you will need pkg-config and libudev .pc file. On some distributions this file is packaged in separate archive (e.g., libudev-dev in Debian, libudev-devd in FreeBSD).


Wasm implementation uses stdweb, or wasm-bindgen with the wasm-bindgen feature. For stdweb, you will need cargo-web to build gilrs for wasm32-unknown-unknown. For wasm-bindgen, you will need the wasm-bindgen cli or a tool like wasm-pack. Unlike other platforms, events are only generated when you call Gilrs::next_event().

See ./gilrs/examples/wasm/ for running the examples using Wasm.


This project is licensed under the terms of both the Apache License (Version 2.0) and the MIT license. See LICENSE-APACHE and LICENSE-MIT for details.

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