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descriptionA lightweight Rust crate to check if a GitHub username / handle is valid
Grant Birkinbine (GrantBirki)




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A lightweight Rust crate to check if a GitHub username / handle is valid

Installation 📦

You can use this crate from with the following command:

cargo add github_username_regex

This will add the latest version of this crate to your Cargo.toml file

Or you can use a version:

# Cargo.toml

github_username_regex = "X.X.X" # where X.X.X is the version you want to use

Usage 💻

Using this crate is very simple. You can use the valid function to check if a GitHub username is valid. This function returns a bool value.

Here is an example:

fn main() {
    let handle = "monalisa";
    let valid = github_username_regex::valid(&handle);
    if valid {
        println!("{} is a valid GitHub username", handle);
    } else {
        println!("{} is not a valid GitHub username", handle);

Console output of the above code:

$ cargo run
monalisa is a valid GitHub username

Release 🚀

To release a new version of this gem, simply edit the Cargo.toml file in this repo. You just need to update the version value. When you commit (or merge) your changes to main, a new version will be automatically released via GitHub Actions to Addtionally, a new release tag will be pushed to this repository as well.

Note 📝

This Crate doesn't take reserved usernames into consideration. For example, it matches help, about and pricing, though they are reserved words and cannot be used as GitHub usernames.

Credits 🙏

This Crate is based on the following npm package

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