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descriptionA CLI app that exposes most of the h3o API for scripting.
Sylvain Laperche (grim7reaper)




h3o-cli — A CLI app exposing the h3o API for scripting

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How to install

Pre-compiled binaries

You can download a pre-compiled executable for Linux, MacOS and Windows operating systems from the release page, then you should copy that executable to a location from your $PATH env.

Build Manually

If you prefer to build h3o-cli manually, or a pre-compiled executable is not provided for your platform, then you can build h3o-cli from the source:


Each subcommand comes with its own help through -h/--help.

There are two classes of output format for the commands:

  • text format (text and JSON)
  • geo format (KML and GeoJSON)

Most of the commands can either take a single input from the CLI options or a list of input from stdin.

Plain text output can be directly used as input for others, allowing command pipelines.

For geo output:

  • cellToLatLng returns the center (Point) of each index
  • cellToBoundary returns the outline (LineString) of each index
  • cellToPolygon returns the shape (Polygon) of contiguous indexes.


Prints information (coordinates, area, …) about on given cell:

h3o-cli cellInfo -i 844c001ffffffff

Decodes an index into its components:

h3o-cli indexDecode -i 21b1fb4644920fff --pretty

Creates a GeoJSON file containing the cell center points of all of the resolution 9 hexagons covering Uber HQ and the surrounding region of San Francisco.

h3o-cli cellToChildren --parent 86283082fffffff --resolution 9 \
    | h3o-cli cellToLatLng -f geojson > uber9pts.geojson

Generates the set of indexes that cover Paris at resolution 11 and save the compacted result in cells.txt.

h3o-cli geomToCells -r 11 -f geojson < paris.geojson | h3o-cli compact > cells.txt

Prints the indexes from the 2-ring around 89283082ed7ffff.

h3o-cli gridDisk -o 89283082ed7ffff -r 2

At resolution 7, prints the grid path that goes through a bunch of French cities and return the resulting KML.

h3o-cli latLngToCell -r 7 < cities-center.txt \
    | h3o-cli gridPath \
    | h3o-cli cellToBoundary -f kml

Load the shape of a city, compute the cell coverage at resolution 11 and save the compressed result in city.cht:

h3o-cli geomToCells -r 11 < city.geojson \
    | h3o-cli compact \
    | h3o-cli compress > city.cht


BSD 3-Clause

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