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descriptionHolochain utilities for serving and connection with websockets
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# holochain_websocket Holochain utilities for websocket serving and connecting. To establish an outgoing connection, use [`connect`] which will return a tuple ([`WebsocketSender`], [`WebsocketReceiver`]) To open a listening socket, use [`WebsocketListener::bind`] which will give you a [`WebsocketListener`] which is an async Stream whose items resolve to that same tuple ( [WebsocketSender](struct.WebsocketSender.html), [WebsocketReceiver](struct.WebsocketReceiver.html) ). If you want to be able to shutdown the stream use [`WebsocketListener::bind_with_handle`] which will give you a tuple ([`ListenerHandle`], [`ListenerStream`]). You can use [`ListenerHandle::close`] to close immediately or [`ListenerHandle::close_on`] to close on a future completing. ## Example ```rust use holochain_serialized_bytes::prelude::*; use holochain_websocket::*; use std::convert::TryInto; use tokio_stream::StreamExt; use url2::prelude::*; #[derive(serde::Serialize, serde::Deserialize, SerializedBytes, Debug)] struct TestMessage(pub String); // Create a new server listening for connections let mut server = WebsocketListener::bind( url2!("ws://"), std::sync::Arc::new(WebsocketConfig::default()), ) .await .unwrap(); // Get the address of the server let binding = server.local_addr().clone(); tokio::task::spawn(async move { // Handle new connections while let Some(Ok((_send, mut recv))) = server.next().await { tokio::task::spawn(async move { // Receive a message and echo it back if let Some((msg, resp)) = recv.next().await { // Deserialize the message let msg: TestMessage = msg.try_into().unwrap(); // If this message is a request then we can respond if resp.is_request() { let msg = TestMessage(format!("echo: {}", msg.0)); resp.respond(msg.try_into().unwrap()).await.unwrap(); } } }); } }); // Connect the client to the server let (mut send, _recv) = connect(binding, std::sync::Arc::new(WebsocketConfig::default())) .await .unwrap(); let msg = TestMessage("test".to_string()); // Make a request and get the echoed response let rsp: TestMessage = send.request(msg).await.unwrap(); assert_eq!("echo: test", &rsp.0,); ``` ## Contribute Holochain is an open source project. We welcome all sorts of participation and are actively working on increasing surface area to accept it. Please see our [contributing guidelines](/CONTRIBUTING.md) for our general practices and protocols on participating in the community, as well as specific expectations around things like code formatting, testing practices, continuous integration, etc. * Connect with us on our [forum](https://forum.holochain.org) ## License [![License: Apache-2.0](https://img.shields.io/badge/License-Apache%202.0-blue.svg)](https://www.apache.org/licenses/LICENSE-2.0) Copyright (C) 2019 - 2023, Holochain Foundation License: Apache-2.0
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