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descriptionCommand line tool to prepare for the Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (HSK)




hskx is a command-line tool to prepare for the Chinese Proficiency Test, known as The Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (HSK). It helps repeat the words presented in the vocabulary lists for each test level.


Manual installation from GitHub

Compiled binary versions of hskx are uploaded to GitHub when a release is made. You can install hskx manually by downloading a release, extracting it, and copying the binary to a directory in your $PATH, such as /usr/local/bin.


If you already have a Rust environment set up, you can use the cargo install command:

cargo install hskx

Cargo will build the hskx binary and place it in $HOME/.cargo.


hskx provides interactive training sessions and vocabulary lists for different HSK levels.

Listing Vocabulary

To view the vocabulary list for a specific HSK level, use the list command. This is helpful for reviewing the words before starting your practice session:

hskx list [OPTIONS]


  • -l, --level <LEVEL>: Select the HSK level whose vocabulary list you want to display. Default is 1
  • -n, --numbers: Show word numbers in the vocabulary list
  • -h, --help: Displays help information for the list command


hskx list --level 2 --numbers

This command displays the level 2 vocabulary list with word numbers.

Training Session

Use the train command to start a practice session with words from the HSK vocabulary list. You can customize the session using various options:

hskx train [OPTIONS]


  • -l, --level <LEVEL>: Specify the HSK level for training (1 to 6). Default is 1
  • -n, --no-chinese: Hide Chinese characters during the session
  • -p, --pinyin: Display Hanyu Pinyin transcriptions
  • -e, --english: Show English translations of the words
  • -a, --answer: Reveal the word, its transcription, and translation after each question
  • -s, --shuffle: Randomize the order of the words
  • -d, --delay <DELAY>: Set a delay (in seconds) between words to control pacing
  • -h, --help: Displays help information for the train command


hskx train --level 3 --pinyin --english --shuffle --delay 5

This command starts a level 3 training session showing both Pinyin and English translations, shuffling the words, with a 5-second delay between them.

Getting Help

To learn more about hskx and its commands, use the help command. It provides detailed information about how to use the tool and its features:

hskx help [COMMAND]

Replace [COMMAND] with the name of the command you need help with.


hskx help train

This command displays help information specifically for the train command.


The HSK is an official, standard Chinese proficiency test used in international Chinese language education. Starting July 2021, the New HSK standard will replace the previous six-level model. The New HSK 3.0 has a more specific classification system, including both levels and bands. Comparing the difficulty and quantity of words required for all four-dimension benchmarks (syllables, characters, vocabulary, and grammar), the New HSK is more rigorous than the old one.

hskx covers vocabulary lists for HSK 2.0. Updates for the new version of the exam will be added in future releases.


This project is released under the MIT License. See LICENSE for the full licensing condition.

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