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descriptionFunctions that help you find service and deployment information in your Kubernetes cluster.



# kube-discovery ### Use case: "I've got a test setup on my Kubernetes cluster, but I don't want to keep updating my environment variables with locations and authentication info. Can't I just access the cluster and load relevant data from there?" ### Limitations This crate is written for my specific use case, so some of the assumptions it makes might not make sense for other setups. Note: This crate imports `k8s_openapi` with a fixed Kubernetes version. Make sure to enable the corresponding `v1`-feature for that respective version. Also, make sure use `kube_discovery::kube` as `kube` crate, and `kube_discovery::k8s_openapi` as `k8s_openapi` crate. That way you'll avoid versioning conflicts. ### Example (Location Discovery) ```rust use kube_discovery::k8s_openapi::api::core::v1::Service; use kube_discovery::kube::{ api::{DeleteParams, PostParams}, Api, Client, Config, }; use kube_discovery::*; #[tokio::main] async fn main() { // doctest setup let kube_config = Config::infer().await.unwrap(); let kube_client = Client::try_from(kube_config.clone()).unwrap(); let svc_api: Api = Api::namespaced(kube_client.clone(), "scratch"); // Say you've got a service like this let service_with_nodeport: Service = serde_yaml::from_str( " apiVersion: v1 kind: Service metadata: name: doctest-example labels: app: doctest-example spec: type: NodePort selector: app: example-app ports: - protocol: TCP port: 80 targetPort: 8080 nodePort: 31234 ", ) .unwrap(); svc_api .create(&PostParams::default(), &service_with_nodeport) .await .unwrap(); // Instead of storing the service's public url in some environment variable // (or, heavens forbid, even hardcoding it), just load the location based // on the service's labels. let service_uri = LabelSelector("app=doctest-example") .load_service_host(&kube_config, &kube_client) .await .unwrap(); assert_eq!(service_uri, ""); // doctest cleanup svc_api .delete("doctest-example", &DeleteParams::default()) .await .unwrap(); } ``` ### License MIT OR Apache-2.0
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