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descriptionSimple Captcha / PoW component for Leptos




This is a simple Captcha component. Everything runs on the same backend without any external dependencies.
The crate for the Proof of Work (PoW) being used is spow, which is another project of mine. If you want to know more about the algorithm, please take a look at the repository.
No user input, solving weird puzzles, or anything like that is needed. This provides a way better UX than the traditional captchas out there.

This component is designed to be injected into a <form> for easy usage with leptos server_fn's, but you can of course use it independently and build a custom solution, if you like. In that case you might consider to use spow directly.

No inline-css is being used on purpose for 2 reasons:

  • you are not forced to use an unsafe-inline CSP for style-src, if you don't like that
  • you can customize the whole look yourself For these reasons, you need to import the css/leptos-captcha.css in your application in what ever way fits your needs, or simply copy & paste it into your current main.scss.

There is an example based on the official start-axum template. Just take a look at it, and it should (hopefully) be clear, how to use this component.

At this moment, it runs thread local. This means if you have a too high difficulty, it will block the UI. An improvement with outsourcing it to a web worker will probably come at some point, even though you should not really need it in production.


Leptos Compatibility

Leptos 0.5: leptos-captcha 0.1 Leptos 0.6: leptos-captcha 0.2+

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