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descriptionA leveraged perpetual futures exchange for simulated trading and backtesting
Mathis Wellmann (MathisWellmann)



Leveraged Futures Exchange for Simulated Trading (LFEST)

:radioactive: This is a personal project, use a your own risk.

lfest-rs is a simulated perpetual futures exchange capable of leveraged positions.
You fed it external market data through the MarketUpdate enum to update the MarketState. Where you either provide bid and ask price or information derived from a candle.
Macros (bba, candle) make it easy to construct the concrete variant.
For simplicity's sake (and performance) the exchange does not use an order book.
The exchange can be configured using Config and ContractSpecification


  • :currency_exchange: Fixed point arithmetic using fpdec crate, for super fast and precise numeric calculations.
  • :brain: Use of newtype pattern to enforce the correct types at function boundaries.
    Examples include:
    This makes it impossible to mistakenly input for example a USD denoted value into a function that expects a BTC denoted value.
  • :satellite: Flexible market data integration through the MarketUpdate type and associated macros.
  • :chart: Integrated performance tracking.
    Use the existing FullAccountTracker
    or implement your own using the AccountTracker trait.
  • :heavy_check_mark: Broad test coverage, to get closer to ensured correctness.
  • :mag: Auditable due to its small and consice codebase. ~ 6k LOC
  • :page_with_curl: Supports both linear and inverse futures contracts.
  • :no_entry: Order filtering to make sure the price and quantity follow certain rules. See:
  • IsolatedMarginRiskEngine
  • Double-Entry Bookkeeping is used to ensure correct balance transfers.

Order Types

The supported order types are:

  • Market: aggressively execute against the best bid / ask
  • Limit: passively place an order into the orderbook

Performance Metrics:

The following performance metrics are available when using the FullTrack AccountTracker,
but you may define any performance metric by implementing the AccountTracker trait.

  • win_ratio: wins / total_trades
  • profit_loss_ratio: avg_win_amnt / avg_loss_amnt
  • total_rpnl: Total realized profit and loss
  • sharpe: The annualized sharpe ratio
  • sortino: The annualized sortino ratio
  • cumulative fees: Sum total of fees payed to the exchange
  • max_drawdown_wallet_balance: Maximum fraction the wallet balance has decreased from its high.
  • max_drawdown_total: Drawdown including unrealized profit and loss
  • max_drawdown_duration: The duration of the longest drawdown
  • num_trades: The total number of trades executed
  • turnover: The total quantity executed
  • trade_percentage: trades / total_trade_opportunities
  • buy_ratio: buys / total_trades
  • limit_order_fill_ratio
  • limit_order_cancellation_ratio
  • historical_value_at_risk
  • cornish_fisher_value_at_risk
  • d_ratio

There probably are some more metrics that I missed. Some of these metric may behave differently from what you would expect, so make sure to take a look at the code.

How to use

To use this crate in your project, add the following to your Cargo.toml:

lfest = "0.46"

Then proceed to use it in your code. For an example see examples


  • proper liquidations (see update_state in Exchange)
  • Orderbook support (with MatchingEngine)
  • Funding rate (support settle_funding_period in ClearingHouse)
  • Multiple accounts (low priority)
  • Multiple markets (low priority)
  • Portfolio RiskEngine for multiple markets
  • Split out FullAccountTracker into smaller and easier to test units (Good first contribution).
  • Support for updating leverage of a position.
  • Support auto-deleveraging
  • Benchmarking
  • more unit tests.
  • fuzz testing?


Would love to see you use and contribute to this project. Even just adding more tests is welcome.

Donations :moneybag: :money_with_wings:

I you would like to support the development of this crate, feel free to send over a donation:

Or if you're a greedy Ferengi looking for work, get payed to work on this project (Send me an eMail).

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Copyright (C) 2020 <Mathis Wellmann wellmannmathis@gmail.com>

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