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descriptionC library for building descriptor-based bitcoin wallets
Dr. Maxim Orlovsky (dr-orlovsky)



# Descriptor wallet library ![Build]( ![Tests]( ![Lints]( [![codecov](]( [![](]( [![Docs](]( [![unsafe forbidden](]( [![Apache2 licensed](](./LICENSE) Library for building descriptor-based bitcoin wallets. Everything a modern cold and hot bitcoin wallet needs, but which is not (yet) a part of [rust-bitcoin]( library. The library clearly separates parts requiring access to private keys from those which should operate never touching them. It is advised that wallets should be designed in a way assuming zero private key access for all of their operations aside from transaction signing; this part must be separated into other repository/library and be strictly controlled. One may look after command-line `btc-hot` and `btc-cold` wallets in [`bin`](bin) directory for an example of how this can be done. Library provides - efficient manipulations with BIP-32 derivation paths, separating derivations requiring private key access from those, which will always operate without; - miniscript & classical bitcoin descriptors; - PSBT constructor using input descriptors, which allow to specify custom information about RBFs, previous public key P2C tweaks and custom hash types on a per-input basis; - PSBT signer, supporting RBFs, relative and absolute timelocks, all sighash types, complex scripts, including witness- and taproot-based; - script templates allowing embedding extended pubkeys into bitcoin script assembly; - lexicographic ordering of transaction & PSBT inputs & oututs; - script type system; - helper types for working with hash-lock contracts; - PSBT utility functions (retrieving previous output, computing fee); - transaction resolver API on top of Electrum Server API for convenience computation of already-mined transaction fees etc; - support for SLIP-32/132 extended pubkey types (`ypub`, `zprv` etc). ![Wallet comparison diagram](./doc/assets/comparison.png) ## Command-line wallets One may install command-line wallets with the following command (requires rust compiler and `rustup` tools to be already installed on a system): ```console $ rustup default stable $ rustup update $ git clone $ cd descriptor-wallet $ cargo install --path . --locked --all-features ``` This will add `btc-hot` and `btc-cold` commands to the system. [bin]:
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