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descriptionHelper package for vendoring 'libpng' as a static library with rudimentary FFI bindings.



# libpng-vendored-sys Cargo package for compiling [libpng]( and vendoring it as **static** library. Main goal of the package is providing static library for linking with other C code, like versions of [Leptonica]( This package provides just rudimentary FFI bindings. More sophisticated bindings would be proveded in separate package. If you need to bind `libpng` with the Rust code directly, you should write your own bindings. ## Provided version Compiles and vendors **libpng** with version `1.6.43` via [libpng-src]( ## Currenlly supported OS and targets Expected to work for: * Linux: `x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu`, `aarch64-unknown-linux-gnu` (no cross-compilation supported yet) * Windows: `x86_64-pc-windows-msvc`, `aarch644-pc-windows-msvc` (no cross-compilation supported yet) * macOS: `x86_64-apple-darwin`, `aarch64-apple-darwin` * iOS, including simulators (cross-compilation from macOS host): `x86_64-apple-ios`, `aarch64-apple-ios`, `aarch64-apple-ios-sim` Tested before upload for all the targets, except `aarch64-unknown-linux-gnu` and `aarch64-pc-windows-msvc`. ## zlib / libz-sys dependency **libpng** itself depends on [zlib]( (or **libz**) C library. The package allows linking with **zlib** in three different ways which are distinguished by fatures: 1. `link-libz` or **default** feature. Uses [zlib-sys]( package with default features. **zlib** would look for system-provided version of **zlib** and link with it dynamically or statically. Usually it's enough, but if your end cargo library is build statically, it may leave **zlib** unlinked. 2. `link-libz-static` feature. This feature forces **libz-sys** crate to link statically in all cases. Covers more use cases, but increases artifact size. 3. Use `--no-default-features` with manual **zlib / libz** linking in Cargo build script or via native tools. ## Dependenencies for hosts See [libpng-src]( ## TODO * Support cross-compilation for Android; ## Authors **Rust code and scripts:** Alexandr (Alex) Lambov , © 2024 **libpng** - see
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