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descriptionHigh-level bindings to libquil




This crate provides Rust bindings to the quilc C library.

How to Build

Install SBCL from source

SBCL must be installed from source to make sure you have the libsbcl shared library available.

  1. Install sbcl from a package manager for bootstrapping purposes.
  2. Clone the repository: git clone --branch sbcl-2.2.0 git://
  • Tag sbcl-2.2.0 is known to work. These instructions have not been tested against a newer version.
  1. Inside the cloned repo: sh && sh
  2. Uninstall the package manager version of sbcl.
  3. Run sh to install the compiled sbcl
  4. Copy src/runtime/ to /usr/local/lib/

Set up Quicklisp

  1. Follow the official instructions to install Quicklisp.

Configure your local projects directory

Quicklisp has a local projects mechanism which we'll be using to build quilc with it's dependencies. By default, this directory is $HOME/quicklisp/local-projects. If you want to use something different, you need to make sure $HOME/.sbclrc contains the following (replace $LISP_WORKSPACE with the actual value):

;;; The following lines added by ql:add-to-init-file:
(let ((quicklisp-init (merge-pathnames "quicklisp/setup.lisp"
  (when (probe-file quicklisp-init)
    (load quicklisp-init)))

(push "$LISP_WORKSPACE" ql:*local-project-directories*)

From here on, we'll refer to the local project directory you've chosen to use, whether it's the default or not, as $LISP_WORKSPACE.

Set up Lisp workspaces

Important: The above sbcl folder must not be in the workspace folder -- it will cause issues.

  1. Clone the following repos into $LISP_WORKSPACE

Build quilc

Note: The build commands in quilc assume you are running on MacOS and will error on other systems.

Run the following from $LISP_WORKSPACE:

make -C quilc
make -C quilc/lib

Optionally, run tests:

# Optional -- run tests
make -C quilc/tests/c  # Builds executables to manually run
cp quilc/lib/libquilc.core quilc/lib/tests/c/
# MacOS
cp quilc/lib/libquilc.dylib quilc/lib/tests/c/
# *nix
cp quilc/lib/ quilc/lib/tests/c/
echo "H 0" | quilc/lib/tests/c/compile-quil

Build and test libquil-sys

By default, this library assumes quilc is in the default Quicklisp local projects directory ($HOME/quicklisp/local-projects). If you defined a non-default local projects directory for quilc, you need to set $QUILC_LIBRARY_PATH to the folder where you built the quilc library (the folder containing libquilc.dylib). For example,


Then, from the root of this repository:

cp "$LISP_WORKSPACE/quilc/lib/libquilc.dylib" .
cp "$LISP_WORKSPACE/quilc/lib/libquilc.core" .
cargo test
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