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descriptionRust implementation of Angel Whisper Wire Protocol
Andrey Snow (andoriyu)



Angel Whisper

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The reference implementation of Angel Whisper Wire Protocol under development. As of today, this is the only documentation of protocol available. This is refactoring of my first attempt to write this thing. However my first attempt was too broad, so I've made a decision to separate llsd module into its own crate to allow the creation of implementation in other languages.

Angel Whisper is my attempt to build light and fast wire protocol that is suitable in IoT world and the just regular world. However, no promises. This library meant to handle encryption as well and decoding/encoding of frames. This library doesn't handle anything else like request routing, RPC, etc. The plan is to build a framework on top of this.

This library in no way production or even development ready. Meaning everything including wire format is subject to change. The goal is to have at least three languages talking to each other using this protocol by the end of 2017.


libwhisper is available on and can be included in your Cargo enabled project like this:

libwhisper = "0.1.0"

Nore that library is under development and public API might change. The protocol is stable.


Well... Not much you can do with it right now. Right now unit tests is the best usage example. Sorry about that.

Next Steps

I'm waiting on tokio to stabilize to start working on service layer of this protocol. Ideally, service layer will me designed in a way tokio can be swapped...good ol' threads for example.


Right now I'm using taskwarrior for task management, which is obviously won't scale for more than one developer. You can find me either on gitter, IRC.

Questions I would be asking

Do I need any help?


Is it secure?

Maybe, maybe not. I'm not a cryptographer, this is just for the lulz. Maybe can someone help with that?

Why does it use secp256k1 at the beginning instead of Curve25519?

Because I had a dream where I built ethereum wallet with p2p direct messaging. Therefore, I ended up using secp256k1 public keys for identity. First attempt was using Curve25519. After some discussions, I've decided to switch back to Curve25519. Honestly, I don't like the way rust binding to libsecp256k1work.

What other languages it supports?

Right now — only rust. In a very close feature — C via rust library. Next step is Ruby via c library. After that pure Kotlin implementation.

Why Rust? You barely even know rust!

Well... I wanted to learn rust by writing something interesting in it. Something that involves using many features of rust.

Why not helix?

Seems like a wrong tool for this job. Fight me.

Why Kotlin and not Java?

Because I like Kotlin more than Java. I had enough experience with Java to be interested in Kotlin.

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