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descriptionNetwork encoding for lightning network peer protocol data types
Dr. Maxim Orlovsky (dr-orlovsky)



# LNP/BP Core Library ![Build]( ![Tests]( ![Lints]( [![codecov](]( [![](]( [![Docs](]( [![unsafe forbidden](]( [![MIT licensed](](./LICENSE) This is LNP/BP Core Library: a rust library implementing LNP/BP specifications . It can be used to simplify development of layer 2 & 3 solutions on top of Lightning Network and Bitcoin blockchain. The current list of the projects based on the library include: * [RGB]( Confidential & scalable smart contracts for Bitcoin & Lightning * [Generalized Lightning Network]( and it's reference implementation named [LNP node]( enabling: - RGB extensions - DLC extensions - [Lightspeed payments]( - Multi-peer channels - Faster lightning experiments (quicker adoption of eltoo, Taproot etc) * [LNP]( Networking protocol for privacy-keeping and censorship-resistant applications, operating in both P2P and RPC modes (currently used as a part of Lightning network, but our effort is to make it more generic and usable even outside of LN). All services, developed by LNP/BP Standards Association (see points below) are made with LNP. * [BP node]( Indexing service for bitcoin blockchain; more efficient & universal Electrum server replacement. In perspective - validating Bitcoin network node (using libbitcoinconsus) The planned projects: * Decentralized exchange for Lightning Network * Bifrost Node: P2P LNP/BP network infrastructural node running - Decentralized exchange information workflows - Watchtowers (RGB-enabled) - DLC oracle provider - Anonymous intermediate storage for client-validated data (like RGB consignments) - Storm storage providers (see below) * [Storm]( Incentivised trustless storage and messaging protocol * [Prometheus]( Decentralized trustless computing Potentially, with LNP/BP Core library you can simplify the development of * Discreet log contracts * Implement experimental lightning features * Do complex multi-threaded or elastic/dockerized client-service microservice architectures To learn more about the technologies enabled by the library please check: * [RGB Technology Internals]( * [Networking with LNP]( * [LNP/BP Nodes Initiative]( The development of the library projects is supported by LNP/BP Standards Association. ## Library functionality The library provides the code for: * RGB: confidential smart contracts with client-side validation, with Lightning network support * Improvements & utilities for Bitcoin protocol * Deterministic commitments that can be embedded into for Bitcoin transactions and public keys (DBC) * Single-use seals * Client-side validation * Lightning networking protocol (LNP) * Generalized lightning network This code supports both Bitcoin blockchain and Lightning network. ## Project structure The library is built as a single Rust crate with the following top-level mods: * paradigms: generic paradigms (API best practices) which are not bitcoin-specific * bp: Bitcoin protocol extensions external to [Bitcoin Core]( functionality and existing [BIPs]( These may also cover those of [LNPBP standards]( which are not specific for other layers. * lnp: Lightning Network protocol extensions: networking, generalized lightning channels and better layerization of [BOLT specifications]( * rgb: smart contracts for Bitcoin and Lightning network based client-side validation, deterministic bitcoin commitments and single-use seals. * standards: other LNPBPs standard implementation which does not fit into any of the categories above The library is based on other projects: * [rust-bitcoin]( * [bitcoin_hashes]( * [rust-secp256k1]( * [rust-secp256k1-zkp]( for Pedersen commitments and Bulletproofs used in confidential state inside RGB protocols * [rust-miniscript]( ## Install ### Get the dependencies On Debian, run ```shell script sudo apt-get install cargo libssl-dev libzmq3-dev pkg-config g++ cmake ``` On Mac OS, run ```shell script brew cargo pkg-config zmq ``` ### Clone and compile library Minimum supported rust compiler version (MSRV): 1.56.1, due to edition 2021 requirements ```shell script git clone cd rust-lnpbp cargo build --release --all-features ``` The library can be found in `target/release` directory. You can run full test suite with: ``` ./contrib/ ``` Please refer to the [`cargo` documentation]( for more detailed instructions. ### Use library in other projects Add these lines to your `Cargo.toml` file at the very end of the `[dependecies]` section: ```toml lnpbp = "~0.2.0" lnpbp_derive = "~0.2.0" lnpbp_services = "~0.2.0" ``` ## Contributing Contribution guidelines can be found in a separate [CONTRIBUTING]( file ## More information ### Policy on Altcoins/Altchains Altcoins and "blockchains" other than Bitcoin blockchain/Bitcoin protocols are not supported and not planned to be supported; pull requests targeting them will be declined. ### Licensing See [LICENCE](LICENSE) file.
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