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descriptionIncludes cargo.toml data into md and then the content of md files into src/*.rs files as doc comments for later documentation generation.
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version: 0.5.4 date: 2020-06-07 authors: Luciano Bestia
Includes cargo.toml data into md and then the content of md files into src/*.rs files as doc comments for later documentation generation.

First we want some data from cargo.toml to be included in the readme.md. To avoid data that is out of sync like version, authors and description.
The we want to include the readme.md into the doc comments of the lib.rs or main.rs file.
From this doc comments with cargo doc is then generated the documentation.
We want to be all in sync with cargo.toml and readme.md.
But also flexible to exclude what we don't need and to choose exactly where to include.
The include can be executed many times, it will just replace the old content.
The lmake_readme binary must be executed in the project root folder where is the cargo.toml file.
It works only for single projects and not for workspaces.


Install from crates.io:
cargo install lmake_readme
Then you can use it in every rust project folder.
No arguments needed to execute the util.
Try manually with --help to see if it works in the current folder:
lmake_readme --help


List of prepared make tasks for development: build, run, doc, publish,...
clear; cargo make

include cargo.toml data into readme.md

In the md file write these markers:

1 [comment]: # (lmake_readme cargo.toml data start)
2 [comment]: # (lmake_readme cargo.toml data end)

lmake_readme deletes the old lines between the markers
and includes the date and the cargo.toml data:
version, authors, description.

include md content to doc comments in rs files

If you don't need all the content of the md file, you can exclude the lines adding this markers:

1 [comment]: # (lmake_readme exclude start A)  
2 [comment]: # (lmake_readme exclude end A)  

In the rs file write these markers:

1 // region: lmake_readme include "filename.md" //! A  
2 // endregion: lmake_readme include "filename.md" //! A  

lmake_readme deletes the old lines between the markers.
Reads the filename of the md file to include. Exclude the eventual lines.

Before each line adds the doc comment symbol as is defined in the marker.
includes the new lines between the markers in the rs file.

cargo crev reviews and advisory

It is recommended to always use cargo-crev
to verify the trustworthiness of each of your dependencies.
Please, spread this info.
On the web use this url to read crate reviews. Example:

Tasks in Makefile.toml

I use cargo make to script the repetitive commands sequences.
In Makefile.toml add a task like this:

description = "create docs from comments"
clear = true
dependencies = [

clear = true
private = true
description = "copy the content of readme.md into *.rs comments (for the docs)"
script= ["lmake_readme"]

clear = true
private = true
description = "call cargo doc"

clear = true
private = true
description = "copy doc folder as docs (out of folder target), so it can be git committed"
script = [
    "\\rsync -avz --delete-after target/doc/*  docs/"

Read the example.md to see a more complex scenario with more ms files and exclusion of lines.


Use the marker_name to match between different markers. Not working yet.

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